You think you're bad, don't cha?
~ Bad Girl taunts Travis Touchdown

Bad Girl is a fictional character in the 2007 video game No More Heroes. She was a 23-year-old assassin who lived in the basement of Destroy Stadium; her real name is Charlotte, and she is presumably American. She was ranked second in the United Assassins Association. She drank beer frequently and was the daughter of Bad Man.


She dresses in a Sweet Lolita fashion (which directly contrasts with her murderous personality).

No More Heroes

Considered No.2 in the UAA ranks, Bad Girl is first shown smacking around and bludgeoning cloned men dressed in S&M gear with a baseball bat, in her basement home hidden underneath Santa Destroy Stadium. After listening about how she feels no remorse whatsoever about killing (claiming it to be just a job), Travis Touchdown takes an immediate disliking to her, disbelieving her a ranked assassin and calling her a perverted killing maniac. In retaliation, she claims that Travis is no better than her because although she resorts to more cruel methods to killing, they both are assassins and kill who they must all the same.

Boss Battle

During the fight she primarily attempts erratic melee attacks with her baseball bat, which cause moderate damage if they connect. After each combo she performs, she is vulnerable to attack. At a later stage of the battle, she will run to the conveyor belt and launch clones at Travis as a projectile, which can be deflected back at her with a pinpoint attack. The clones then attack like regular foes, and can be dispatched. She will also light her bat on fire to increase the potency of her attacks, and will even pretend to fall to the ground crying to fool Travis, resulting in an instant death if Travis approaches her.

Bad Girl's Death

After their fight, she stands with Travis' beam katana sticking through her abdomen, refusing to give up. She continues to assault Travis until he decides to show her pity and forfeits the fight to her; she succumbs to her wounds soon afterwards.


Her death makes Bad Man, her father, come after Travis to avenge his dead daughter.


  • There have been rumors that Bad Girl is Dr. Peace's daughter, Jennifer since both of them fight Travis in the Destroy Stadium. But with the production of the third installment of the franchise No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again on the way, this has proven to be false.
  • Dev notes reveal that the gimps she utterly batters and wrecks around with her bat are condemned criminals at her disposal and execution.
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