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The Spirit is Willing.
~ Ban Juju's catchphrase.

Bad Juju is one of the trappable villains of Skylanders Trap Team.

she was voiced by Kimberly Brooks.


Skylanders: Trap Team

Bad Juju would be founded in the lair of the Golden Queen. When the Skylanders try to battle their way through the queen's homestead. however, they accidentally awoke Bad juju up, enraging her. Her attempts subdue her them with her magic failed and after her defeat, she was trapped. Bad Juju would later retrieve a remote control for Glumshanks.

Skylanders: SuperChargers

Bad Juju is one of the non-playable Villain Racers during the Villain Sky Races.

Inbetreen SuperChargers and Imaginators

Bad Juju found herself inside Cloud Cracker Prison once again, only to use her various magic spells. One of her spells lead to the creation of Juju Junior and after Master Eon came to the Prison in hopes to use some of the Villains to train some new Skylanders, one of them was Bad Juju, who wanted to give her son a better role model.

Skylanders Imaginators

Bad Juju became one of the Sensei Villains, who went to fight against Kaos' forces and train the Imaginators with the help of her son; Juju Junior.


  • Bad Juju is the second antagonist and the second Skylander in the series to be a parent.
  • It should be noted that both Bad Juju and Eye Scream have been mistaken as 'he'.


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