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Fire the missiles! Destination: Washington! Moscow! Tokyo! Let's get this little cataclysmic global annihilation show on the road!
~ Bad Rap begins his plan to start a nuclear war and wipe out Earth's population, in Street Sharks.
T-Bone: No, stop! That weapon was designed for another dimension! Who knows what it'll do here!
Bad Rap: Heheh... Let's find out...
~ Bad Rap, shortly before causing the K–T extinction event, in Extreme Dinosaurs.

Bad Rap is the evil leader of the Raptors (known as the Reckless Raptors in Extreme Dinosaurs) and the main antagonist of the third and final season of Street Sharks and its spin-off Extreme Dinosaurs both based on the eponymous toylines from Mattel. Though his character in Street Sharks is later changed in Extreme Dinosaurs, the two incarnations are more or less the same personality-wise.

His goal is to conquer the Universe, wipe out all who stand in his way and permanently alter the Earth's biosphere to closely resemble the Mesozoic.

In Street Sharks, he was voiced by Doug Parker, while in Extreme Dinosaurs he was voiced by Garry Chalk.


Bad Rap's model for Extreme Dinosaurs.

He is a humanoid purple (orange in Extreme Dinosaurs) raptor with a purple (yellow in Extreme Dinosaurs) stripe tail who has a metal brace-like device attached to his mouth. Bad Rap wears a black (yellow in Extreme Dinosaurs) strap over his torso and waist and black shorts (though these are sometimes left out or not colored in in some Street Sharks episodes). His color scheme is the only thing that changes between his two incarnations, though he seems to be slightly bulkier in Extreme Dinosaurs.

He is always equipped with his arm blaster (referred to as a Plasma Detonation Launcher in Extreme Dinosaurs), though it's removeable in Extreme Dinosaurs whereas in Street Sharks it's cybernetically implanted into his arm, much like in the toy he's based on.


Street Sharks

Bad Rap and his fellow second-in-command Raptors, Spittor and Haxx.

Originally, the Raptors were part of an alien race of peaceful highly evolved dinosaurs. Favoring chaos and conquest above all other needs, they decided to plunder their homeworld and soar through the stars to do the same with every other planet.

His latest victim is Earth, having crash landed there 65 million years ago and awakening after a long cryo-sleep, though every attempt ends up being foiled by the planet's mutant heroes known as the Street Sharks and super soldiers from his homeworld known as the Dino Vengers.

Extreme Dinosaurs

Bad Rap was once a normal raptor until he and two other raptors were abducted by Argor Zardok's spaceship, after Argor turned down his other experiments, where three raptors were mutated into humanoid forms. As Argor was pleased with his experiments, he gave a weapon to Bad Rap that was an arm cannon equipped on one hand that can dissolve solid matter effortlessly. Argor then sent the three Raptors to deal with the Extreme Dinosaurs.

However, as they fought, they weapons they were using were proven to be too much for the Earth's environment to handle, causing it to wipe out the dinosaurs. As Bad Rap and the raptors sees Argor leave on his ship, they say he betrayed them and fell asleep in pods until the present day, along with the Extreme Dinosaurs who were unaware of it.

Now known as the Reckless Raptors, Bad Rap plans to bring back the Earth to its better state from 65 million years ago, when it was hot and impossible to live in for the creatures that now rule the planet, which he despises.


Slammu: I bet they don't have stuff like this on your planet! [eats a burger]
T-Bone: No... not anymore. Raptors destroyed everything.
~ T-Bone starts explaining his backstory, and when the Raptors began their wave of terror.
Earth? When I'm done with this place, it'll be known as planet Bad Rap!
~ Bad Rap begins his plan to start a chain reaction across all volcanoes on Earth.



  • In Street Sharks, Bad Rap was given his name by Jab, and it's unknown what his real name was beforehand. In Extreme Dinosaurs, his creator Argor Zardok names him.