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The Bad Samaritan is a fictional character published by DC Comics. Real name Zviad Baazovi, the Bad Samaritan is a highly trained agent of the USSR that became an independent contractor in espionage, terrorism, and assassination working for virtually all major governments. Very little has been publicly revealed regarding the Bad Samaritan, including any details of how he got into the espionage and terrorism games. This is in large part due to the fact that he has friends in high places throughout the world, who have helped him to keep his background secret and who have helped him also to evade capture by those governments he is not friendly with. His activities have repeatedly brought him into conflict with the super hero team the Outsiders. All of them resulting in Zviad's escape.

In Other Media


Young Justice

Zviad Baazovi Earth-16.jpg

Bad Samaritan was a major antagonist of season 3 of Young Justice in his first and currently only animated appearance. He is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal, who also voiced Sasuke Uchiha, Mercury Black, That Man, Shogo Akuji and Suzaku Kururugi.

He was the Markovian ambassador to the United Nations and a metahuman with limited psionic abilities. With them he can subtly influence people into doing his bidding. He was manipulating the events of the Markov family as a member of The Light. He convinced the Markov family to force vigilantes to get permission to enter the country and to essentially exile all metahumans from the country including Markovia's prince Brion. When the Outsiders were attempting to subdue Frederick DeLamb, Baazovi manipulated Brion into killing him and to forcefully ascend the throne with the Markovian's support. He also convinces Brion that his friends are criminals and that they should be executed, something that his deceased father King Gregor was too weak to do. After the Outsiders reject Brion's actions, he forces all of them to leave the country. From this point, Zviad became an advisor to Brion, subtly influencing his actions including reuniting with Helga Jace. It is also revealed that Zviad became an official member of the Light replacing Granny Goodness.


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