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Ever since the junkyard, you've been nothing but a fly in my ointment. (...) If I'd known you were David's brother... I'd have shoved that gas can down your throat and lit you up like a candle. But this will do.
~ Badger to Javier García before attempting to kill him.
She was...nothing.
~ Badger taunting Conrad for his revenge against Francine's death.

Badger is the secondary antagonist of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. He was a high-ranking member of the New Frontier. He was also the archenemy of Javier Garcia.

He was voiced by Jon Curry.


Badger is first seen at a junkyard with Max and Lonnie holding Javier Garcia at gunpoint. He returns the next day and kills Javier's niece Mariana.

Badger is seen outside Prescott with his group, and holds one of their residents, Francine hostage. He starts by using wire cutters to chop off the victim's finger, then he kills Francine and orders his men to drive a truck full of walkers through the front gates.

Badger, along with Max and Lonnie are seen in a warehouse near Richmond when they get attacked by Javier's group. Badger is chased by Javier to a pipe room where they battle. In the end, Badger is severely wounded, and he is killed by either Javier, Tripp, Conrad or by reanimation.

Badger's corpse is seen among the dead in the town square.


  • Badger is seen in a picture on the memorial wall in the Richmond church.
  • He is the only raider to be dead no matter what the player chooses.
  • Even though he is the secondary antagonist, he appears in more episodes than Joan, who is the main antagonist.


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