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Bael and Dagon are members of a demonic race of enormous ice based toad-ilke creatures and bosses from Devil May Cry 4.


Bael's Arrival

After the lesser Hell Gates opened, Bael emerged in the central courtyard of Fortuna Castle, causing it to be shrouded in a blizzard. Nero first encountered its two Rusalkas (the two feelers on its head resembling women) and fought them, before Bael appeared. Nero managed to defeat the monster and tore off one of the Rusalkas, which his Devil Bringer absorbed. As the ice monster died, he swore that his brothers would avenge him and Nero saw six of the Dagons about to emerge through the Hell Gate. But he quickly closed it, preventing their escape for a time.

Dagon's Arrival

Dagon (Devil May Cry 4)

An army of Dagons.

However a Dagon did manage to escape through the Hell Gate and froze the courtyard again. Dante arrived and, though he at first flirted with the Rusalkas, knew that the demon was there, stating that his stench gave him away. He fought and killed Dagon by slicing him in half, causing him to turn to ice and shatter. Dante then took the Devil Arm, Pandora, and used it to destroy the remaining Dagons and the Hell Gate.

Powers and Abilities

Bael and Dagon are able to emit a gas that renders them invisible and can use their Rusalkas, angler fish like appendages that resemble women and are able to speak, to draw in prey.
Dagon's Feelers

Dagon's Feelers

The demons can also freeze prey, though they have highly vulnerable tongues.


  • Bael is a Semetic title that means, "master" or "lord".
  • Dagon was a major god of the Phoecians, Phillistines, and Amorites.
  • Dagon is also the name of a Great Old One.
  • A Rusalka is a Slavic ghost that seduces men, so as to trick them into drowning.
  • Bael is the only boss, besides Sanctus, that Nero actually kills, since Berial, Echidna, Agnus, and Credo fled after being defeated by him.


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