Baghiah is the main antagonist of the 2018 Indonesian Netflix horror movie Sabrina. He is an ancient demon with the ability to possess humans and inhabit objects. His name means "transgression".


Bramantyo Kev, an Indonesian owner of a doll factory, had two sons, Arka and Aiden. He always preferred Arka's projects over Aiden's and so, upon his death, he left 60% of the company's share to Arka and only 40% to Aiden. This made Aiden virulently envious of Arka, so he sought a dark sorcerer to make something bad fall upon him. The sorcerer summons a demon called Baghiah, who agrees to comply with Aiden's wishes in exchange of a body for him to inhabit the human world. As the demon fails to possess Arka's body, he decides to instead possess the body of Andini, his wife, which kills her.

The film begins with Vanya, Andini's little daughter, living with her uncle Aiden and aunt Maira. She is very sad with her mother's death and plays the paranormal game Charlie Charlie to try to bring her back. But instead of Andini, the game brings Baghiah close to her. He starts living within her doll Sabrina, which she received from Aiden's factory. Baghiah tricks Vanya to believe he is actually Andini's spirit.

Baghiah starts manifestating more and more frequently, attacking the three in different occasions. Maira and Aiden seek help from a couple of exorcists, Laras and Raynard. They detect the presence of an entity and lock it in the house, suggesting Maira and Aiden to go live somewhere else with Vanya. They do so, but Baghiah keeps appearing, which makes the exorcists finally conclude that the demon is in the doll. With the help of a legendary dagger Raynard had acquired in a distant place in Java's jungles, Laras destroys Sabrina and then kills the corporeal form of Baghiah, sending him away forever. In the process, Aiden dies and everyone else gets serious injuries. The real story behind Baghiah's summoning is only revealed towards the end of the film.

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