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Bahamut is the titular main antagonist of Rage of Bahamut. He is considered to be one of Cygames' mascot characters and is utilized in a multitude of their games including Granblue Fantasy and Dragalia Lost.

In Dragalia Lost, he is a major antagonist responsible for the revival of Nedrick through forming a partial dragon pact.


Bahamut is a giant black dragon with huge wings.


Rage of Bahamut


Granblue Fantasy

Bahamut's role is minimal, but there are weapons named after him that are considered powerful and dangerous. On top of that, there is a raid boss called Proto-Bahamut who is a weaker clone of the real deal.

Dragalia Lost


Long ago, Bahamut was considered to be the most powerful dragon in all of Grastaea. Even Elysium saw him as more powerful. Despite his power, he became less spoken of as time progressed, making him much less known.

Incomplete Pact

Sometime later, after the son of King Aurelius passed away from dragonscales, Bahamut found the body and formed a partial pact with it, bringing it back to life. The boy then went on to be known as Nedrick and formed a group known as Agito. Nedrick then sought out to complete the pact that Bahamut force upon him, but he also had the intention of slaying Bahamut.

The Dawnshard

After Nedrick reveals to the Halidom Party how Bahamut is the Origin, he prepares to use the dawnshard to complete his pact before Zethia and Ilia reveal a detail he had left out in which he would use Bahamut's power to grant everybody the ability to shapeshift. Due to how dangerous shapeshifting is, the party oppose with Zethia following Nedrick, claiming the other half of the pact herself.

Nedrick attempts to fight the party only for Bahamut to take control and start opening rifts with intent on destroying the world just to prevent The Progenitor from awakening. In order to prevent Bahamut from taking Nedrick's body, the party enters Nedrick's mind and helps him get his pact with Bahamut fully set. However, with Nedrick now in control, Bahamut moves on to taking over Zethia.


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