Bahamut Phantoms
Bahamut's human form


is a Phantom born from a man called Katsumura, when he gave up in despair. Bahamut is a strong Phantom, giving both Haruto and Kosuke a hard time.

His Gate target is Kazuya Shinozaki, who is an amateur soccer player, who competed with Haruto to become pro soccer players. Bahamut is a strong fighter, being able to defeat Kosuke and Haruto while using Drago Time. He is also armed with sharp blades in his arms and legs. Bahamut is also capable of releasing an energy blade from his arms.

He first fought Wizard when he was targeting Kazuya. Though, Bahamut proved to be strong. Able to overpower Wizard Hurricane, Water and Land Style. Later, he fought Beast but Bahamut easily overwhelmed the magician. Haruto arrived mid battle and used Flame Dragon and Drago Timer to try and even out the odds. However, Bahamut was still too powerful. Bahamut was about to finish Wizard,when he was hit by a soccer ball Kazuya kicked. He attacked Kazuya afterwards using his energy blade, injuring the gate. When Bahamut started to release another attack , Wizard stood in between to protect Kazuya and the others. Though, Beast Hyper managed to distract him for a while. Wizard used the Copy Ring and the Defend Ring to buy some time for everyone to escape.

Later, Bahamut tries a sneak attack when Kazuya is hospitalized.Haruto realizing this already set a trap and fought Bahamut once again. Even with Beast's help, both still had a hard time dealing with the Phantom. Forunately Wizard manages to injure the Phantom making the latter retreat. The next day, Bahamut appears again after Haruto and Kazuya were playing soccer. Haruto quickly changed to Wizard and battle the Phantom. Wizard used the Bind Ring to stall Bahamut for a while. Haruto then changed to Water Dragon and used Dragon Freeze before using Dragon Breath with Flame Dragon. This still proved not to be enough to beat Bahamut. Wizard then use his last trick, the Infinity Style. Wizard overpowered Bahamut using Infinity Style's super speed, and using the Axcaliburs Shining strike to slash Bahamut multiple times, defeating the Phantom.


  • Gate: Katsumura
  • Episodes: 38-39
  • Destroyed by: Kamen Rider Wizard Infinity Style's Dragon Shining
  • Mythological Basis: The Bahamut
  • Height: 232 cm
  • Weight: 180 kg


  • While the original mythological Bahamut comes from an Arabian myth of a fish that supports the Earth, this version is more closely based off of the draconic Bahamut seen in popular media such as Dungeons and Dragons and Final Fantasy.
  • Due to an error in special effects, Bahamut could still, very briefly, be seen lying on the ground as the explosion fireball faded when Wizard destroyed him.
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