Bai Jin is the main antagonist of the manga and anime known as Karakuri Circus. He is one of the two brothers from the Land of Qin--Better known as the modern China--that travel to Europe so that they could learn alchemy with the intention of creating puppets that could live as human beings.

However, after the two brothers met a woman known as Francine, Bai Jin's heart suddenly take a dark turn after he found out his older brother had married Francine despite Bai Jin sees her as her first sweetheart which caused him creating several tragedies that happened in the series such as the puppet that attack innocent humans--better known as Automata--or ZONAPHA Syndrome which is a disease caused by third party parasympathetic dominance.

He is voiced by Toshio Furukawa in Japanese who voiced Piccolo Jr., Asura (Soul Eater), Moroboshi Ataru and Portgas D. Ace.


Bai Jin initially appears as an average - built fair skinned young man with long black hair. He mostly used a set of brown robes covering most of his body and a dark greenish hood above his clothes. He was wearing black pants and darkened shoes underneath.

Due to his encounter with Francine and seeing his brother's apparent "betrayal", Bai Jin wears glasses and fell into the pit of insanity as the time goes on and his manic appearance in his late years as an old man is much more exacerbated.