Bajer Blaquestrype is a major antagonist in the Extinctioners universe who is a high-ranking member of the Invasion Force.


despite being a native to the planet Alden, he has happily traded his former job as a mob-boss for a life of luxury amongst the human invaders in exchange for aiding Noah Adam Mahn and the Hunters in their conquest of Alden via the capture of superhuman beings (known in-universe as hybrids) for use as slaves.

Bajer does not require a Mind-Collar to keep him in check as he is very much a free agent - who holds no loyalty to his own planet or species, thinking on it in purely selfish terms: the Invaders treat him well and he in turn is happy to do as they ask of him, as long as the rewards keep coming - as a result Bajer is given much more freedom than other non-humans in the Invasion Force.

Bajer is a hybrid himself, capable of utilizing shadows to teleport as well as attack others - as can be expected he is one of the more dangerous of the group's current opponents due to his superhuman abilities, his position of power and his ruthless personality.

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