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Mafia3 baka


Baka is the minor antagonist in the 2016 video game, Mafia III. He is the brutal and dangerous leader of the Haitian mob in New Bordeaux and an enemy of both the Marcano Crime Family and the Black Mob.


As of 1968, Baka was the leader of the Haitian gang of New Bordeaux in the U.S and deeply despises the white people of the city who treat him and his folks and fellow African Americans like dirt, and in turn, he and his gang brutalize and attack white people.

He is active in the Delray Hollow district of the city, and when he noticed that the Black Mob led by Sammy Robinson had affiliated themselves with the Italian Marcano Crime Family, led by Sal Marcano, Baka cut his ties with the Black Mob and started a gang war with them for control of Delray Hollow.

Around this time, he had also been acquainted to Cassandra, member of the Haitian mob whom he supposedly abused. In order to solve the problem of the Haitians, Sammy sent his protegee Lincoln Clay to eliminate Baka and end the Haitians' attacks. Baka was confronted in his headquarters, located in the Bayou, and shot by Lincoln. In his dying moments, Baka told Lincoln that black people such as Sammy, Lincoln and himself were not supposed to obey white men such as Marcano, and tried to attack Lincoln one final time, but ended up with his throat snapped by the man. Cassandra pretended to be a rape/abuse victim of Baka after his death in order to seem innocent to Lincoln.

After Baka's death, Cassandra took over the Haitian Mob and after the Marcanos betrayed the Black Mob and killed Sammy, allied herself with Lincoln in order to end the Marcanos' reign over the city.

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