Idiots shouldn't die!
~ Baka's final words before death

Baka is one of the main villains in Juken Sentai Gekiranger vs. Boukenger, acting as the left-hand man to Pachacamac XII.

He is voiced by Yūji Kishi.


Baka made his first at the Confrontation Beast Hall presenting himself to Mele and yes he's an idiot with the spirit of a hippopotamus. He then grows to giant size to prevent the robot from stealing the blue orb as he began to tickle it, but it has no effect on it so he decided to squish the bot and surprisingly he thought that he won the fight, but turns out no one was piloting it.

A while later he appeared with the others in South America as Mele sent Baka down to prevent the team from reaching to the top of the temple, so Eiji transformed and battled Baka with some help from Gou and Ken.

A while later he was at the entrance to the temple as he followed Mele, Rio and Pachacamac inside. He then appeared with the other under the control of Pachacamac as they left the jungle ruins of South America to the USA.

A while he was then sent to defeat the Super Sentai. During the portion of the fight he was seen battling GekiChopper, Bouken Silver and Blue as he used one of its ability to fire his mucus at them. After that he was then attacked by the said three with their sharp swords and then he was defeated by this finisher performed by GekkiChopper known as Chesto sending him towards Pachacamac where he was then destroyed by the teams finisher.


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