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I need a more balanced diet, these immortals aren't healthy for me!
~ Bakasura

Bakasura is a playable character in the MOBA game Smite. He is a character from the Hindu Pantheon, originated from the religion, being a monster with an endless appetite for human flesh.

Bakasura is voiced by Brad Jackson.


A ravenous demon, Bakasura is known for her endless appetite for human flesh, having devoured so many humans even the official biography lists his actions as unspeakable. Eventually, the Pandava brothers and their mother disguised themselves to restore themselves in the village of Ekachakra, learning of Bakasura's evil ways in the process. After hearing the tales of the beast consuming anyone it came across (even those who brought the beast other foods as well from the chief in hopes to make it stop eating people), Kunti had Bhima take a cart of food to the beast for it to feed. After Bhima ate the beast's food, Bakasura planned to eat Bhima, but was slain by the demon hunter, with his corpse brought back to the village as proof for its demise. However, Bakasura lived on and eventually joined the Battle of the Gods to feed, even feeding on the god's minions to heal himself.

Bakasura's passive ability, Insatiable Hunger, causes his attack and speed to range for some time after eating an enemy. He can heal himself and gain buffs by using Eat Minion, strengthen himself with Butcher Blades, use Take Down to leap forwards and do damage to enemies in an area, and use Regurgitate to change his attacks to cone attacks, give debuffs to opponents, and summon undead minions.


  • Despite his rework in October, 2014 changing his design for most alts, Bakasura's Death Machine and Feaster Bunny alts were not redesigned with it.
  • Bakasura breakdances for his dance emote.
  • Bakasura's redesign is commonly compared to Baraka's design by fans.