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The Baker's Dozen is the main antagonistic faction of the first season of the Netflix Series 13 Reasons Why. They are twelve individual people (excluding Hannah - she is clearly a victim, even though she blames herself for some of abuses (1st, 9th and 11th) that transpired against her) each responsible for 13 horrible acts against Hannah Baker that heavily contributed to her suicide. Before Hannah Baker's death, she recorded 13 tapes listing her reasons why she chose to commit suicide. Each tape is meant to be listened to each of the Baker's Dozen so they understand how they played a part in Hannah's choice of ending her life.

While each person listed has their own reason for wanting the tapes kept secret, they all had the same enemy; Clay Jensen. Out of everyone on the list they believed Clay would be the most likely person who would go public with the tapes due to how close he was to Hannah. They took every measure they could to provoke Clay into either handing over the tapes or pass them on to Bryce Walker, the next person to receive the tapes after Clay.

By the time of the second season, most of the villainous side of the Baker's Dozen have reformed (with the exception of Marcus Cole and Bryce Walker), and either went on to live their lives as better people (in the cases of Courtney Crimsen and Ryan Shaver) or side with Clay Jensen to help bring Bryce Walker and the Liberty Tigers to justice. Bryce himself tried but failed to atone for his victims before being killed by Alex Standall. Ultimately, Marcus is the only one who never felt remorse and/or redeemed himself.


Each of the people listed are the subjects of Hannah Baker's tapes and what they did to her that made her end her life.

1. Justin Foley/Hannah Baker: Justin Foley is Hannah Baker's first boyfriend and the first (and ninth) reason why Hannah Baker commits suicide.

Justin comes from a broken home. His mother is a neglectful drug addict and her boyfriends constantly abuse her and Justin, most notably her on and off boyfriend Seth. The only person Justin could ever rely on was his best friend Bryce Walker. Justin first meets Hannah at her party while he was still dating Hannah's best friend, Kat. After Kat moves away, Hannah and Justin spark an interest with each other. When Hannah wants confirmation from Kat to date him, she expresses permission for Hannah to go for it. After a flirtatious game of cat-and-mouse, Hannah eventually meets up with Justin at a playground where they have their first date. As Hannah is going down the slide, Justin takes a photograph with a flash of Hannah's underwear as she's coming down the slide. After the date ends, Justin shows the photograph to Bryce and his other friends. Bryce takes the phone from Justin and sends it to the school; causing rumors of Hannah most of Liberty High to label her as a slut. While Justin did not send the photo around school personally he did nothing to stop the rumors of Hannah from spreading, instead he opted to spread even more rumors instead of protecting Hannah from the harsh ridicule she faced. 

Even though Justin Foley is responsible why Hannah commits suicide, Hannah includes herself for what has transpired. This is how it went:

Justin Foley began dating Jessica during the summer before junior year. During the final party of the summer Hannah went to Jessica's party, hoping to see Clay Jensen. Hannah found herself in Jessica Davis's room towards the end of the party. When she tried to leave Justin and Jessica came bursting in drunk and ready to have sex. Hannah tried to hide behind the bed so they would not see her. Before they could have sex Jessica passed out because she had too much to drink and Justin decided to leave her be so she could rest. After Justin left Hannah attempted to leave once again but she overheard Justin outside the room talking to one of his friends, Bryce. Bryce asks what Justin is up to and Justin tells Bryce that he is sticking around for Jessica because she is wasted. Bryce wanted to go into the room to “have some fun” with Jessica. Justin initially refused to let him in but after Bryce reminded Justin that they are supposed to be best friends. Justin, not wanting to lose his best friend and his girlfriend, let's Bryce into Jessica's room. Hannah quickly ran into the closet so he would not see her. Bryce climbed on top of Jessica and was about to rape her until Justin came into the room to try and remove Bryce. However Bryce over powered Justin and threw him out of the room and then locked the door so he could not interfere again. Instead of trying to find another way in or call for help Justin walks away feeling ashamed and disgusted. Bryce then proceeds to rape Jessica while she is unconscious though she started to regain consciousness during the raped and could see Bryce's face. Although she passed out after he finished. Hannah, being trapped in the closet, witnessed the entire assault but was too scared to move to stop him. After Bryce leaves, Hannah exits the closet, Hannah throws up in the nearest bin, and puts a cover on Jessica whilst distraught at what she just witnessed happen to her friend. Despite Bryce being the one who raped Jessica, Hannah blames both Justin and herself for not stopping Bryce when they both had the opportunity to. However, as revealed later on, since Justin is a rape victim himself, he possibly was too shocked to act.

2. Jessica Davis: Jessica Davis is Hannah Baker's former best friend and the second reason why Hannah commits suicide.

Jessica Davis (along with Alex Standall) was Hannah Baker's best friend when she began Liberty High. She and Hannah were both new and Liberty High's guidance councilor thought it would be a good idea for them to rely on each other since they didn't know anyone. This ended up working out as they both shared a sarcastic sense of humor and instantly became best friends. During a trip to a coffee shop known as Monet's they spotted another new student named Alex Standall who was watching them. The two decided to befriend Alex and the three became inseparable. That is until Jessica and Alex began dating in secret and started drifting away from Hannah. When Hannah found out she was upset that they didn't tell her when she would have been fine with them dating. After a refusal to have sex with Alex, he and Jessica broke up, though Jessica didn't know why he chose to end it. However Bryce Walker and a few of his friends started a ‘Hot or Not' list that detailed who had the best and worst features of the female student body. Alex contributed to the list in an attempt to get back at Jessica for rejecting him by placing Jessica's name under the section Best/Worst Ass, listing Jessica as having the worst ass of the sophomore class and placed Hannah Baker as the best ass. When the list was spread around the school Jessica discovered that Alex was the one who added the section. Jessica was understandably upset but she jumped to conclusions and assumed Alex chose to end their relationship because he cheated on her with Hannah or Hannah had sex with Alex while they were dating. Jessica angrily accused Hannah of this at Monet's and refused to listen to Hannah's claim that Alex made the list on his own (which was true as he made it deliberately to spite Jessica for her refusal to have sex with him). She called Hannah a slut and slapped her on the face after Hannah said "Fuck you". Jessica's words and action in that moment were what marked the end of their once strong friendship as she started to believe into the rumors of 'Hannah the Slut', which were never true. Completely breaking Hannah's heart. This along with Hannah's gulit is part of the reason why she kills herself.

3. Alex Standall: Alex Standall is Hannah Baker's second former best friend and the third reason why Hannah commits suicide.

As previously stated; Alex, Hannah, and Jessica were best friends when they began attending Liberty High. During a trip to a coffee shop known as Monet's Hannah and Jessica spotted another new student named Alex Standall who was watching them. The two decided to befriend Alex and the three became inseparable. That is until Jessica and Alex began dating in secret and started drifting away from Hannah. When Hannah found out she was upset that they didn't tell her when she would have been fine with them dating. After a refusal to have sex with Alex, he and Jessica broke up, though Jessica didn't know why he chose to end it. However, after Bryce Walker and a few of his friends started a ‘Hot or Not' list that detailed who had the best and worst features of the female student body Alex contributed to the list in an attempt to get back at Jessica for rejecting him by placing Jessica's name under the section listing Jessica as having the worst as of the sophomore class and placed Hannah Baker as the best ass to spite Jessica and get back at Hannah for how she reacted to the two of them hiding their relationship fromher. This action ultimately led to Jessica confronting Hannah at Monet's because Jessica thought Hannah was responsible for Alex breaking up with her, and she insulted and slapped Hannah. This completely ruined Hannah and Jessica's friendship and Alex's contribution to the list also led to Hannah being sexually harassed by Bryce and numerous others at school, all the while boosting his own popularity.

4. Tyler Down: Tyler Down is the head photographer at Liberty High and the fourth reason Hannah Baker commits suicide.

Tyler initially started out as an acquaintance of Hannah and even used her as model for some headshots. Tyler developed a crush on Hannah, however he was too shy to tell her his feelings in person. When the photo of Hannah's underwear began circulating Liberty High Tyler was completely oblivious to the incident (possibly because he was an outcast and didn't have much friends and so having no way to receive the photo of her underwear.) When he found out too late about her photo Tyler came to her house with a few of her headshots in an attempt to cheer her up. When he came to her house he saw her with someone dropping her off (unaware that it was Clay at the time.) When Hannah went inside and started to text someone Tyler was amazed at how beautiful and real she was and wanted to capture her. He took a few photos of her which caught Hannah's attention but quickly ran off before she could see him. Since then he started stalking her and took more photos of her without her consent, which completely frightened her. Hannah, after believing she was being stalked told Courtney about her stalker. She volunteered to help Hannah catch her stalker by setting up a trap at Hannah's bedroom window. As they waited they began drinking a bottle of wine from Hannah's liquor cabinet and started playing truth or dare. After Hannah dared Courtney to take of her shirt, Courtney in return dared Hannah to kiss her. The kiss, while started out as playful turned into a full on make out session. Tyler witnessed them and tried to get in closer so as to take a better picture. However his camera went off and Hannah and Courtney spotted him causing him to flee the scene. However he was able to get a photo of Hannah and Courtney kissing, evidence of Courtney being a lesbian. Hannah personally confronted Tyler at school and demanded the photos he took and all the negatives, which he gave to her. Tyler attempted to ask Hannah out but she just laughed and left. Unbeknownst to Hannah, Tyler secretly kept one of the photos of her and Courtney Crimsen kissing. Out of spite for rejecting him, Tyler spread the photograph of Hannah and Courtney to the entire school, causing Courtney to turn her back on Hannah for a time. This later resulted in several other members of the Baker's Dozen to harass Tyler as they saw him as an easy target.

5. Courtney Crimsen: Courtney Crimsen is an honor student at Liberty High School and the fifth reason why Hannah commits suicide.

Courtney is the daughter of two homosexual fathers and much like them is gay herself, but because of the discrimination her fathers have received she did not wish to suffer the same treatment so she kept this part of herself secret from even her family. She secretly had a crush on her classmate Hannah Baker but could not bring herself to tell her. One day Hannah told Courtney that she suspected someone is outside her window. Courtney volunteers to help Hannah catch the perp after school. As they waited they began drinking a bottle of wine from Hannah's liquor cabinet and started playing truth or dare. After Hannah dared Courtney to take of her shirt, Courtney in return dared Hannah to kiss her. The kiss, while started out as playful turned into a full on make out session. Tyler witnessed them and tried to get in closer so as to take a better picture. However his camera went off and Hannah and Courtney spotted him causing him to flee the scene. However he was able to get a photo of Hannah and Courtney kissing, evidence of Courtney being a lesbian. Despite demanding the negatives of the photos Tyler took he secretly kept one and sent it around the school after Hannah rejected him. Despite no one finding out who the women in the photo were, this incident caused a rif in Courtney and Hannah's friendship as she did not want people to know about her sexuality. Hannah tried to make it up to Courtney by taking her and her friends to the Winter Formal. While at the Winter Formal Courtney was approached by Montgomery de la Cruz who claims that he knows that she is one of the girls in the kiss photo along with Hannah. Realizing that she is close to being exposed as a lesbian Courtney completely throws Hannah under the bus and lies to Montgomery and claims that Hannah and another girl, Laura, are the ones in the photo and that Hannah asked her for a three-way and also claims that the rumors about Hannah and Justin are true as well. Montgomery tells Hannah's exactly what Courtney told him and Hannah angrily confronts Courtney. Courtney half-heartedly apologizes and claims she did it because people were starting to talk, though Hannah is completely angered at her for piling more rumors about her on top of the ones already floating around just because she is afraid to admit she is a lesbian and tells her that she is not Courtney's shield to hide behind. This completely ruins Hannah and Courtney's friendship permanently.

6. Marcus Cole: Marcus Cole is the Student Body President of Liberty High School and Hannah's sixth reason why she commits suicide.

During the Dollar Valentine event at Liberty High Marcus was complaining about how he didn't get any good match ups to Bryce and Justin. When Hannah walked into the room they started discussing the idea of having her as a Dollar Valentine and how easy it would be to hook up with her. Seeing this as an opertunity to boost his rep in front of his friends Marcus lied and told them that Hannah is one of his match-ups and could easily get her to have sex with him. Bryce initiated a bet with Marcus to see if he could do it by tonight which Marcus accepted. Marcus asked Hannah out on a date at Rosie's Diner, and she said she'd think about it. She made up her mind and said yes, but didn't realize that Marcus is using her because she is "easy". At Rosie's Diner, Marcus keeps Hannah waiting for over an hour. When he does show up he brings his friends and begins his date with Hannah, sitting on the opposite side. He manages to almost get Hannah to forgive him for being late and switches side to sitting right next to her, as he begins flirting and touching Hannah's leg although she doesn't want him to, she sees him keep looking back at her friends and realizes it was a dare to try and see if she was easy and that he doesn't care about her at all. Hannah begins to get upset but Marcus continues to sexually harass her until she pushes him out of the booth, angering him and making him leave. Marcus leaves but not before openly embarrassing her by calling her “easy”. The next day Marcus began spreading more rumors of Hannah, labeling her a tease.

7. Zach Dempsey: Zach Dempsey is one of the star athletes at Liberty High and the seventh reason why Hannah commits suicide.

Zach is one of the most popular athletes at Liberty High as well as one of the nicest, despite participating in harassing Hannah he secretly had a crush on her but was too scared to tell her because he was afraid of how his friends would see him if they saw Zach with Hannah. After being humiliated by Marcus on their Valentine's Date, Zach saw this as an opportunity and reached out to Hannah and tried to cheer her up. While they sat in the booth in silence Zach made very weird attempts to cheer her up such as balancing a spoon on his nose to make her laugh. Hannah was actually appreciative of this. However, when Zach tried reaching out to her again at lunch and revealed that he wanted to be her Valentine's date, he unintentionally insulted Hannah and as such she insulted him and rejected him. Out of revenge, Zach began stealing the positive notes from Hannah's compliment bag in their English class to make her feel worthless, notes she enjoyed getting. Hannah discovered it was Zach that was the thief and wrote him a note, however after reading the note he did not apologize and Hannah believed he just threw out the note (though he actually kept it). Hannah wrote another note which was read in front of the whole class though Zach still did nothing to help Hannah and let Skye take the fall for apparently writing the note. Zach continues to deny his involvement, outright suggesting that Hannah wasn't telling the truth after what occured.

8. Ryan Shaver: Ryan Shaver is the head writer and publisher of Liberty High's magazine Lost and Found. He is the head of the poetry club and is the eighth reason why Hannah commits suicide.

Ryan was responsible for publishing the Hot or Not list that caused Hannah to be sexually harassed by the male student body. After Hannah joined a poetry club, Ryan tried reaching out to her though she was still angered at him for publishing the list. Eventually however Hannah and Ryan became friendly towards one another and shared their thoughts on poetry. When Hannah wrote a personal poem and read it out loud to their group, Ryan was impressed and wanted to publish it in the school newspaper but Hannah refused. Ryan then stole her poem behind her back and published it against Hannah's wishes to the entire school (though anonymously, however people such as Courtney, Jessica and Marcus figured out it was likely Hannah's). Her poem was also read out loud in one of her classes making her feel humiliated. Hannah confronted Ryan over the theft and insulted him though he showed no remorse for his actions and claimed one day she would appreciate what he did. Ryan's theft of Hannah's poem would be the final reason for why her spirit was ultimately broken. 

9. Sheri Holland: Sheri Holland is a cheerleader at Liberty High and the tenth reason why Hannah commits suicide.

Sheri was in fact one of the only people who was ever nice to Hannah Baker. After witnessing Bryce rape Jessica, Hannah wanted to go home to regain her senses. Sheri offered to drive Hannah home seeeing that she is the only one sober enough. Hannah falls asleep on the trip and when she woke up she wanted to charge her phone so she could call her parents. Sheri offered Hannah her phone charger, but while she was digging through her purse to pull it out, Sheri took her eyes off the road and accidentally crashed into a stop sign. Hannah wanted to call the police and tell them, but Sheri was scared of getting into trouble with the police or her Dad. Hannah sides against her and tells her that when something bad happens she shouldn't just ignore it, she has to face the consequences. After persistence Sheri realises that Hannah won't get back in the car with her and drives off leaving Hannah alone. Hannah goes into a liquor store and uses the owners phone to call the police about the stop sign being knocked down, only to understand that someone already called about a disturbance in the area. Hannah asks who, but they won't tell her (we later find out that Clay was in the area, he heard the crash and called the police after finding the accident), she walks out of the store and as a voice over she says that she wishes she also told them about Bryce raping Jessica, calling it a terrible decision. Hannah is devastated to find out that the crash that occurred resulted in the death of a fellow student at Liberty High, Jeff Atkins. Sheri and Hannah get driven further away because Sheri won't admit that there's a chance she killed Jeff, while Hannah is distraught over it and doesn't see a lot of remorse in her friend. Hannah blames Sheri for Jeff's death as she didn't report the incident straight away, which could have possibly prevented Jeff's death, and even more so after finding out Jeff wasn't drunk, as it was implied he was because there was a lot of empty beer cans found in his car, when Clay found him.

10. Clay Jensen/Hannah Baker: Clay Jensen was the closet thing to a best friend Hannah Baker had and the eleventh reason why Hannah commits suicide. Although she again lists herself to be blamed.

Clay Jensen was in love with Hannah Baker ever since they worked together at the Crestmont Movie Theatre. The two bonded over certain things but Clay could never bring himself to admit his feelings because he always felt he wasn't the type of person she would be interested in. Despite being good friends, Clay avoided Hannah's drama on every occasion. Some purposely as he was jealous of her choosing other guys and not him. Hannah secretly admired Clay and wished she could be with someone like him. Clay is the subject of Tape 6, Side A, however Hannah makes it clear that he is not one of the reasons for why she killed herself. He was the only one she was actually fond of, and while everyone else was on her hit list, she just wanted him to be on the tape because he was/is a part of her story. On the night of Jessica's party, Clay and Hannah were about to have sex before Hannah starts remembering all the guys that did her wrong, and suddenly she can't escape from thinking everyone is against her. She has a mental breakdown and then tells him to stop, which he does before asking what's wrong. She yells at him to go away, which he does. On the tape, Hannah says a part of her was begging him to stay while she was yelling at him to leave. Clay is the only person on the tapes who did nothing wrong but he was included as a part of her story. In spite of Hannah telling him that he did nothing wrong and is not a part of her list, Clay believes he deserves to be on the list because he was never there for Hannah when she needed someone. He is further devastated by the fact that he left Hannah when she desperately needed him, claiming he did it because he was scared, not because Hannah told him to go and claims that this was the beginning of the chain of unfortunate events that followed such as Jessica's rape and Jeff's death as a result of Sheri and claims that he is responsible for Hannah's death because he did nothing.

11. Bryce Walker: Bryce Walker is the captain of both the baseball and football teams of Liberty High and the twelveth reason why Hannah commits suicide. Bryce is the cause of everything horrible that had transpired throughout Hannah's time in high school (except for Tyler's, Ryan's and Clay's tapes). This includes the constant abuse and Jessica's assault.

Bryce Walker comes from a wealthy family that are pillars of the community. Bryce's parents however are extremely negligent of their son and have not given him the proper care he needed as a child. This would forever change Bryce for the worse as it contributed into turning him into the selfish, manipulative, cold hearted rapist he is. After a horrible day following losing $700 of her parent's deposit money and being rebuffed by Clay, a depressed Hannah goes for a long walk and eventually ends up in Bryce's neighborhood and is drawn to the sounds of a party at his house. Bryce sees her come in and greets her. Hannah joins the party and eventually joins Jessica, Justin, Zach and his girlfriend in Bryce's hot-tub. After a few minutes, Hannah relaxes in and the four others eventually leave to hangout elsewhere. Bryce then silently enters the tub and turns it off. He and Hannah make some small talk and he then approaches her and begins touching her inappropriately. Hannah attempts to get out but Bryce grabs her and holds her, pulls her underwear off and proceeds to sexually assault her. Hannah simply freezes and does not move as Bryce brutally rapes her, nor does she call for help. Hannah later reveals on her tapes that this incident completely broke her soul and it was following this that she fully decides to commit suicide. But not before seeing Mr. Porter, the guidance counselor.

12. Kevin Porter: Kevin Porter is the guidance councilor of Liberty High School and the thirteenth and final reason why Hannah commits suicide.

Mr. Porter originally worked in a very violent school where students would provoke each other and use extreme levels of violence against each other. When he was transferred to Liberty High he had the same mindset, and believes the students who are being bullied were provoking their bullies. After finishing her tapes and pouring all her problems out, Hannah decides to give life one last try but this time she wants help and decides to go to Mr. Porter. However she brings along her thirteenth tape and recorder just in case Mr. Porter fails. Hannah meets with Porter in his office and as her recorder tapes their conversation, the two begin to speak. Hannah reveals that she is completely depressed and that she does not care about anything, including life itself, anymore and feels that she is not being who her parents want her to be and that she needs it all to stop. She also tells Porter that she has not a single friend after he asks if she cares about her friends and she believes that Clay now hates her. Eventually Hannah mentions being assaulted at a party (Bryce raping her) and Hannah begins to break down. Mr. Porter tries to figure out the details of what happened but Hannah is vague and Mr. Porter hypothesizes that she may have consented to the sexual interaction but now simply regrets it, but Hannah denies this. He also inquires as to whether drugs or alcohol played a role, which Hannah again denies. Mr. Porter promises that he will help Hannah as it is his job to go to the police after a student has been assaulted but that she must tell him all the details, including the name of her attacker. Hannah only agrees to give him the name if he promises that he will ensure that Bryce goes to jail and that she will never have to face him again, but Mr. Porter admits he can't make that promise. However, when Hannah is reluctant to reveal her attacker's name, Porter makes the mistake of saying that she can simply just move on from her sexual assault. Porter then learns that her attacker is a senior and tells Hannah moving on will work because her attacker will be gone the following year, implying that doing nothing is her best option. This completely angers Hannah and Mr. Porter once again claims that if she won't confront her attacker, then she best move on. Realizing that she will not be getting the help she desperately needs and wants, Hannah then claims she will move on as it is the best thing to do. Mr. Porter tells her she can sit down again as there are other resources but she refuses, thanks him for his "help" and claims she will just have to get over it since things won't change and she then walks out of his office as Mr. Porter answers his phone. Hannah waits outside his door for a few seconds, hoping he will come after her out of concern but he doesn't, even after finishing his phone call. Unlike most of the staff, however, Kevin feels regret for his role and starts atoning  for his role by helping various students dealing with these issues out. He even tried to help Bryce atone after finding out that he truly was mentally ill. Eventfully, because he disobeyed his superior's orders to not get involved, he got dismissed after the school blamed him entirely for what happened.



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