Bomb Shadow, also known as Bakudan Shadow, is a villainous Shadow Kaijin who appears in Episode 8 of Ressha Sentai ToQger.

He is voiced by Atsushi Imaruoka who previously voiced a Heater Banki, Elmgaim of the Baku and later voiced Western Yokai Dracula.


This Shadow Kaijin was sent by Nero to the town the ToQgers stopped in when they were looking for the Diesel Ressha, during his first fight with the ToQgers, ToQ 1gou sent him flying into the distance with a kick to the bum, exploding in the air. Dumbfounded, the ToQgers nevertheless went over to Bomb Shadow's death site, only to run into a cloud of black smoke that came from it.

After clearing out the Ressha of the smoke, several blobs of sentient smoke was left, and when the Ressha started to move, one of those blobs exploded on Red Ressha's controls, taking out the brakes and making the Ressha accelerate, with another one landing on Tokkati, forming into a copy of Bomb Shadow's body that stuck to the ToQger.

The main blob formed into Bomb Shadow himself in a new, miniature spider-like body, and told the ToQgers that if they don't catch him and press the button on his head, that the bomb will blow up if the Ressha goes off the rails, as well as adding the risk of saying what will happen if Tokkati falls or tries to remove it.

After minutes of trying to capture the irritating Kaijin and avoid disaster by narrowly clearing a turn at their current speed, the ToQgers then tricked Bomb Shadow into thinking they got rid of Tokkati's bomb by having ToQ 4gou pose as Tokkati, leaving the shocked Kaijin open for 3gou to grab him and pressed the button on his head, then threw the bomb and Bomb Shadow out of the speeding Ressha to explode harmlessly. His plan was further thwarted when ToQ 1gou arrived with the newly revitalized Diesel Ressha to stop the speeding Ressha by linking up the Ressha and hitting the brakes as hard as he could.

Irritated, he then tries to blow up the ToQgers, only for them to surround the Shadow Kaijin and destroy him with their Ressha's weapons.

Bomb Shadow was among the Shadow Monsters that were brought back as ghosts by Tombstone Shadow, they were weaker than when they were living and unable to grow when defeated. He was destroyed again by ToQ 2gou's "Tokatti Super Beam".



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