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The Bakut Pirates are a group of space pirates serving as the main antagonists of Kaizoku Sentai: Ten Gokaiger. They disguised themselves as humans and founded the Super Sentai Derby Colosseum, and are conspiring with the Minister of Defense to build an army using the Super Sentai keys to enable Earth to conquer the universe.


In the past, the Bakut Pirates ravaged 129 planets by disguising themselves as their inhabitants and infiltrating them to destroy them from the inside. They at some point ambushed Captain Marvelous while he was sailing in the Gokai Galleon and crashed it.

The Bakut Pirates later came to Earth, where they were responsible for setting up the Super Sentai Derby Colosseum, a place where key clones of the Super Sentai would fight each other and spectators could place bets on who would win. The three Bakut Pirates all took on human guises and formed the staff of the colosseum, while secretly collaborating with Japan's Minister of Defense to use the key clones to build an army and take over the world.

Marvelous, who didn't trust the Colosseum at all, refused to give up his key and came to Earth to shut it down. After hiring Luka Millfy to bring Marvelous in, the colosseum staff made a deal with Marvelous, offering to shut the colosseum down if he could defeat 100 Super Sentai rangers in 1-on-1 matches. But, if he lost, he would have to give up his key to the colosseum. Marvelous managed to defeat 99 Sentai rangers to make it to the final round, a match against his former crewmate Gai, who was a supporter of the Colosseum. Marvelous managed to overpower Gai but, before he could defeat him, Rem intervened to give Gai the advantage, allowing the silver Gokaiger to defeat Marvelous. Suspecting something suspicious, Marvelous refused to give up his keys and was rescued by Ahim before the Colosseum could capture him.

Just as the Bakut Pirates were making preparations with the Minister of Defense to complete their army of key clones, Luka crashed the meeting and exposed them on live television, using the Shield of Veritas Ahim had stolen from Crystalia to expose the Colosseum administration's true identities as the Bakut Pirates. After escaping with help from Don, Luka joined with the rest of her teammates to face the Bakut Pirates Badley, Rem and Agdaros. While Rem and Agdaros fought Gokai Pink and Yellow and Gokai Green and Silver respectively, Badley battled Gokai Red and Blue. However, using a gem from the Gokai Galleon, Marvelous was able to infuse pieces of the Galleon into himself and his teammates to give them super forms. As the other Gokaigers destroyed Rem and Agdaros with the powers they had been given, Marvelous and Joe beat down Badley. The other Gokaigers then combined their pieces with Gokai Red to create Ten Gokaiger, allowing Marvelous to use his new powers to finish Badley off and put an end to the Bakut Pirates. The Minister of Defense meanwhile was stopped by Niwano.



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