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You disappoint me. As a child, all you ever wanted was to belong to something. That's why I saved you, Colleen, raised you, because that same desire was once in me. Is this your family now, hmm? Well, let me remind you who you really are by taking that away!
~ Bakuto to Colleen Wing

Bakuto is a recurring antagonist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, serving as the secondary antagonist of Season 1 of Marvel's Iron Fist and a major antagonist in Marvel's The Defenders.

He was one of the founding members and leaders of the Hand; as well as the mentor of Colleen Wing. Following his death in a battle against Colleen, Bakuto is resurrected by his followers and called to New York along with the rest of the Hand's leaders to capture the Iron Fist and use him to obtain more resurrection substance beneath the city.

He was portrayed by Ramón Rodríguez.



Bakuto was one of the five heretics of K'un-Lun. After the Elders of K'un-Lun decided to study the Chi in order to heal, the heretics decided that this power was better used to regenerate themselves and thus achieve immortality. For this heresy, Bakuto and the other heretics Alexandra, Gao, Murakami and Bakuto were banished from K'un-Lun indefinitely. Together, they formed the organization known as The Hand - each of them leading a factions that operates autonomously. Alexandra was their leader from the beginning and after they dispersed, each member returned to their homeland where they built their reputation and power over the time of generations. Bakuto returned to South America.

Marvel's Iron Fist

Capturing Gao

Bakuto visits Colleen Wing at her dojo and she greets him as an old friend. When she invites him for tea, Bakuto mentions Danny Rand. Colleen assures him that Bakuto will always come in front of anyone else and Bakuto tells her to be careful, as Danny has been drawing all kinds of attention to himself.

After Danny, Colleen and Claire have captured Madam Gao and brought her to Colleen's dojo, they realize that Colleen has been poisoned. Colleen tells them to call Bakuto and tell him to come and Danny leaves a voice mail on his phone. Eventually, Bakuto turns up but Danny is reluctant to allow him to enter, claiming that he shouldn't have reached the dojo as there are enemies everywhere. Bakuto claims that he took care of Madame Gao's mercenaries. Interestingly, Bakuto's presence annoys Gao who claims that Bakuto has no business here and should leave. This causes Danny to trust Bakuto and he opens the door. Seeing Colleen on the floor, Bakuto claims that they should have called him sooner. He claims that only Danny can help Colleen because as the Iron Fist, he has the power to heal her. While Gao claims that Danny is falling into a trap he cannot escape, Bakuto beckons him to come closer and to focus his chi in his hand. Danny listens to Bakuto and follows his advise. Through Bakuto's instructions, Danny manages to save Colleen. However, the procedure also knocks out Danny.

Suddenly, more of Bakuto's men turn up and they grab Danny and Gao. Together with Colleen, they enter a car and drive off, leaving Claire behind. They bring Danny and Colleen to Bakudo's academy, which Colleen claims is a place of refuge for people who need a home. Once the two have stepped outside into the green, Bakuto, who is training a group of teenagers, approaches them and welcomes them both. He reveals that he knows that Danny is the Iron Fist and offers to help Danny in recharging his chi. Danny does not understand, as his training has ended rather abruptly, and Bakuto offers to train him. After sending Colleen away under a pretext, Bakuto claims that Colleen has told him much about Danny. Danny replies that Colleen never told him about Bakuto and Bakuto tells him that this is to protect this place. Bakuto states that he and his academy have taken in people from all kinds of lives and that in order for them to be safe, the place needs to be a secret. Danny then asks about Gao and Bakuto tells her that she has been taken out of commission and that Danny does not need to worry.

Antagonizing Danny

Eventually, Danny asks Bakuto what he gains from all this, adding that thus far whenever people found out Danny is the Iron Fist, they wanted to use it for their own purposes. Bakuto claims that at his academy, people are not being manipulated as they are allowed to make their own choices. Arriving at his office, Bakuto claims that the modern world is being ruled by corporations. He adds that Danny's return made a change to Rand Enterprises, as Danny was more focused on doing good than making profits. He then opens his safe and takes out a USB drive, showing Danny secret footage of the Iron Fist of 1948. He tells Danny that Danny has the potential the Iron Fist displayed in the video and claims that he can help Danny become what he was meant to be. He states that he wants Danny to be his partner so the Gao's of the world cannot harm him and his people. Danny asks what Bakuto knows about Gao and Bakuto claims that he has opposed her for a long time. He adds that seven of his students are recovering from Gao's drugs.

Bakuto orders his men to attack Danny

After Danny has left the office, Bakuto is informed that Danny has been called by Harold Meachum moments after. He orders his man to have the transcript of the call sent to his computer. Moments later, Colleen enters the room and asks Bakuto how Danny has done. She is eager to tell Danny the truth but Bakuto claims that they need to wait a little bit more. Colleen is unhappy about this and Bakuto tells her that it is neccessary and that Danny will understand. Colleen asks what happens if Danny doesn't and Bakuto replies that in this case, Danny is not the right guy for her. Bakuto later disrupts a conversation with Danny and Gao and brings Danny back to Colleen.

Bakuto later tracks down Harold Meachum and visits him in his penthouse. Bakuto reveals that he is taking over from Madame Gao and adds that he is far more easy-going than Gao. Bakuto claims while Gao was ruling only through fear, working Bakuto will allow Harold to gradually get back into public life. Returning home, Bakuto learns that Danny has further investigated his academy and confronts him. He fights Danny, who has now found out that Bakuto's organization is The Hand. Although Danny defeats Bakuto, he is forced to flee when more of Bakuto's men turn up. During Danny's escape, aided by his former friend Davos, Danny is stabbed by Bakuto. Danny and Davos attempt to flee by bursting open a gate but Danny's anger prevents him from using his powers. Bakuto mentions as much when he and a horde of students and Hand warriors confront him at the gates. Nonetheless, all of Bakuto's men are defeated and Danny and Davos successfully escape.

Capturing the Meachums

After Danny's escape, Bakuto and Colleen argue about keeping the truth from Danny. Bakuto is not convinced by Colleen's worries and orders her to inform her should Danny contact her. Meanwhile, Harold Meachum, his daughter Joy, Danny and Davos plot to take down Bakuto. While Bakuto punishes Colleen, who has been brought back to Bakuto's compound for failing to deliver Danny to Bakuto, Danny and Davos round up in front of the compound. Eventually, Bakuto leaves Colleen with two of his disciples, ordering them to kill her, and leaves. After Bakuto has taken his leave, Colleen escapes. Joy and Harold then hack the Hand and freeze their accounts from Rand Enterprises in order to lure out Bakuto.

Bakuto prepares to execute Harold

Bakuto, however, has his own plans. He visits Harold Meachum's son Harold at the psychiatric hospital and injects Ward with a serum helping him with the withdrawal symptoms from Madam Gao's heroin. Bakuto attempt to recruit Ward, offering to make sure that Harold is never resurrected again in return. Bakuto states that he wants Ward as Rand Enterprises' CEO and as an ally. Bakuto claims that the partnership between Bakuto and Ward would be different than the one between Gao and Harold, claiming that he is far more beneficial and rewarding to his partners. He gives the anti-heroin drug as an example which he states he will give Rand Enterprises to sell. Bakuto asks for a favor in return, however; he wants Ward to help him capture the Iron Fist.

After freeing Ward, Bakuto allows him to head to Harold's penthouse to get his sister away from there. However, as they are about to leave Bakuto and the Hand turn up. After the Hand shoot Harold's bodyguards, Bakuto takes all Meachum's prisoners and orders Ward to stop the transaction of Bakuto's money. After this is done, Bakuto's men grab Harold and force him on his knees. Harold tells Bakuto that he will return and hunt down Bakuto without mercy but Bakuto claims that Harold will never return as Bakuto intends to behead him - the only way to kill someone revived by the Hand without causing another resurrection. Ward approaches him, asking that Harold is not killed in front of Joy. Bakuto tells Ward to hand over his phone and with Ward's phone, Bakuto calls Danny. He reveals that he has all Meachum's as hostages and shoots Joy in the stomach. He reveals that Joy should be okay if she arrives at a hospital within half an hour but threatens to murder all Meachums should Danny not surrender to him.

While they wait for Danny, Bakuto hands Ward a blanket to stabilize Joy's wounds. Eventually, time is up and Danny has not arrived. Bakuto draws his katana, claiming that it has killed kings, emperors, lords and tyrants and that he now has to use it on a businessman. He tells Harold not to move his head as he does not want to have to swing twice. He asks Harold whether he has any last words and Harold speaks to Ward, claiming that he spent his entire life raising Ward to be a great man. He claims that Ward has been the biggest disappointment of his life and apologizes to Joy for trusting Ward over her. Harold then tells Bakuto that he is ready to die and Bakuto raises his blade. However, before he can strike Harold down, Danny arrives.

Bakuto and The Hand leave with Danny

After Danny has surrendered to him, Bakuto tells Ward that unfortunately, he won't be able to hold his part of the deal. He adds that, on the bright side, Ward now knows how to get rid of his father for good. On the elevator ride down, Bakuto tells Danny that someone inside The Hand is very anxious to work with Danny and that Bakuto will bring Danny to that person. He also claims that the promises he made to Danny are still in place and that he will help train Danny to become the true Iron Fist. While the group leaves the elevator and strides through the foyer, Danny concentrates in order to summon the Iron Fist. Eventually, he breaks free of his chains and although the fist extinguishes seconds later, Danny is still free. The same time, Davos and Colleen appear and attack The Hand. Danny attacks Bakuto, claiming that he has the feeling that Bakuto is not allowed to kill him. Bakuto states that this does not mean that Bakuto will not do what it takes to subdue Danny. He draws his sword and slices Danny's chest, claiming that The Hand has some of the best doctors in the world and that Danny would be amazed to see what they can stitch back together.


Bakuto is mortally wounded by Colleen

Eventually, Bakuto realizes that from all of The Hand's warriors, he alone remains standing. He flees out onto the streets, pursued by Danny, Colleen and Davos. They corner him at Central Park and by mentioning that Colleen is a traitor and no true warrior, Bakuto goads her into challenging him. Although he realizes what Bakuto is doing, Colleen still engages him alone. During the fight, Bakuto proves to be the better warrior but fueled by her anger, Colleen strikes back. During the battle, Bakuto breaks Colleen's katana but as the blade falls back to the ground, Colleen kicks it and thrusts it into Bakuto's leg. Bakuto retaliates by slicing her arm. The battle continues but as Bakuto takes a swing at her, Colleen dives down and rams her sword into his stomach. Perplexed, the wounded Bakuto falls to the ground but Colleen refrains from executing him. She claims that by killing Bakuto, they would lower themselves to his level and claims that they have enough evidence to have him arrested. Although Danny agrees with Colleen, Davos walks towards him, draws his knife and rams it into Bakuto's chest, killing him. The situation results in a heated argument between Davos and Danny and after the argument is resolved, Danny and Colleen turn to see that Bakuto's corpse is gone.

Marvel's The Defenders


When Stick, who has escaped the Hand's captivity, informs Matt Murdock, Danny Rand and Luke Cage about the Hand, he reveals to them the backstory of the organization. He also informs them about the individual members, mentioning Bakuto. When Danny hears the name, he tells Stick that Bakuto is dead which Stick is glad to hear.

Bakuto confronts Colleen

While most of the Hand's forces are searching for the Iron Fist together, Bakuto is not involved because he needs to travel to New York from South America. After having arrived in the city, he lays a trap for Danny and Colleen and as he intended, he is able to confront Colleen while Danny is fighting his men elsewhere. Colleen is shocked to see him alive but Bakuto replies that he already tried death and it did not take. Bakuto orders his men to stand down, given that he and Colleen are "old friends" but Colleen draws her sword and attacks him. He easily dodges her strikes and in a tired manner, tells her that they need to talks when Colleen is done. She states that there is nothing left to talk about and keeps attacking. He claims that the Hand sent him for Danny, but he came for Colleen. Colleen calls him out on that lie, claiming that he already told her that she was not good enough for the Hand, but he replies that this was merely a strategy to cause Colleen to get angry and make a mistake.

Bakuto reminds Colleen that she flourished under his training and offers her to join him. When she refuses, he draws his own knife and attacks. Colleen angrily states that he took her life from her and Bakuto psychopatically whispers that he has not done so yet. He slices her stomach but before he can kill her, Luke Cage, Danny and Claire Temple show up, with Luke pushing Bakuto away. Claire is shocked to see Bakuto alive and Danny reminds him of the last time the two of them faced off. Bakuto politely greets Danny and claims that he already heard that Danny had made some friends. He implies that Danny's destiny is far more than he was taught in K'un-Lun and that he will soon find out that purpose. Colleen then slumps down and while the team turns to tend to her wounds, Bakuto and his companions leave.

Return to the Hand

While waiting for a conference of members of the Hand, Gao and Bakuto are the first ones to arrive. Given the bad history between the two, Bakuto asks whether they are on speaking terms. Gao replies that as long as they live, they will be on the same side. Pointing to a drawing of K'un-Lun on the table in the middle of the room, Gao melancholically asks Bakuto whether he remembers the city. Bakuto claims that he does and Gao reminds him that the only way they will get back there is by securing the Iron Fist. Gao sharply reminds Bakuto that their foremost goal is securing the Iron Fist, not Colleen Wing. After a brief bickering between the two, Alexandra enters the room, together with Murakami. Bakuto greets Alexandra who cuts him off and claims that they will discuss his failure to capture a few bargaining chips later. Murakami then informs the assembled leaders that Daredevil has joined the Iron Fist, unaware that Murdock and Daredevil are the same people.

Bakuto, Gao and Murakami express their discontent

Gao is shocked to hear this and asks if the news are true, given that Daredevil has not been sighted for months now. Murakami confirms that this is true as he saw it with his own eyes. Bakuto is not impressed; while Daredevil might be a good fighter, the leaders of the Hand are too. Murakami replies that it is not his fighting skill that worries him, but Daredevil's relationship with Elektra Natchios. Gao confirms that Elektra and Daredevil fought side by side but Murakami claims that their bond was even stronger - they were in love. Thinking back to the moment that Elektra attacked him, Murakami claims that she might not have been protecting her kill but her old love, which would mean that the Black Sky is not the empty vessel they were promised. Alexandra asks whether he believes that the Black Sky has failed them but Murakami states that he believes that Alexandra herself has failed them. He claims that Alexandra made a wrong decision and because of that, they are all vulnerable now.

Alexandra states that she has never felt stronger than with Elektra by her side but Murakami reminds her that all this is not about her but all of them together. Gao and Bakuto join in and remind Alexandra that they created the Hand so that the five fingers could work together. Gao states that they already lost Sowande but Alexandra assures them that he will be back. The others, however, are not convinced and Bakuto states that for the first time, death is a real possibility. Alexandra states that maybe this was what they all needed, a reminder that every one of them was expendable. The leaders reply that his counts for Alexandra as well and that they seem to have different goals. While Alexandra is afraid of dying, Murakami, Gao and Bakuto simply want to live long enough to go home. Murakami states that the time has come to make a plan without the Black Sky - or their "fearless leader".

The leader's are unhappy with Alexandra's leadership

After Sowande's head has been delivered to the Hand, Gao, Murakami and Bakuto are all shocked and angry by this loss, believing that they could have prevented it. After Alexandra holds a brief eulogy, she wants to return back to business while Gao and the others are still mourning. The three also get angry with Alexandra and themselves, claiming that they did not even try to find Sowande. Alexandra coldly states that they should not pretend to mourn Sowande, to the outrage of the other three who are honestly mourning their oldest friend. Alexandra reminds them that they should not act like their time together has all been peaceful, there has been fighting between Hand factions multiple times. Alexandra claims that now more than ever it is time to show unity. Murakami angrily replies that they were unified until Alexandra brought in the Black Sky. The three want to know where Elektra is and Alexandra, not telling them that Elektra has gone rogue, claims that she thought it would be best to have her isolated. Gao then breaks the disagreement, claiming that their goals are in alignment and that they should honor Sowande by fulfilling the future they planned together. Gao claims that Alexandra already has brought them far and that they should trust her to see the plan through till the end. Gao openly claims that she will keep following Alexandra.

Capturing the Iron Fist

After Elektra has returned to Alexandra with the captured Iron Fist, a meeting of the Hand leaders is assembled. Danny is brought before the leaders and Alexandra welcomes Danny at the Hand, this time for good. She reveals that the motivation of the Hand is to return to K'un-Lun. Danny bitterly tells her that he saw that Alexandra and the Hand destroyed the city but Alexandra replies that Danny only saw what he wanted to see. Alexandra claims that the two of them are not so different and that they have the same home. She adds that whether he wants it or not, Danny will serve her. After Danny has been led to a cell, Alexandra turns to the other Hand leaders. Murakami still argues that nothing has gone as planned.

Bakuto watches in horror as Alexandra is killed

The three argue what step should be taken next, with Bakuto stating that the retrieval of the substance is of paramount importance. Gao claims that the need to take care of Danny's allies who will come looking for him. She warns her team not to underestimate them but Alexandra tells the Hand not to underestimate her. Alexandra orders Elektra to kill all of Danny's allies and sarcastically states that she is happy the team is onboard with her plan. However, she reminds them that it was her who neutralized the enemy and brought them the Iron Fist while they succumbed to chaos and conflict. While Alexandra is ranting on, she is suddenly stabbed in the back by Elektra. To the shock of the other members of the Hand, Alexandra falls to the ground dead and is beheaded by Elektra, preventing any possible resurrection. While the others watch on in horror, Elektra tells them that they work for her now. Bakuto grudgingly replies that this is now how they do business. Elektra simply answers that it is now, to which Murakami replies that there are still three of them and Elektra is alone. Bakuto claims that they would do what is neccessary for their organization and that this is not their first coup. Elektra replies that it is the first coup without the substance and asks Bakuto if he is willing to make that gamble.

Bakuto is not done. He states that Elektra was nothing until Alexandra gave her life. He claims that the Hand has survived this long because they have been astute. Elektra answers that she does not care about the Hand, only about the substance, and that not even death can stop her now. After Elektra leaves the room with Danny, she heads down into the cave underneath the city with the Iron Fist. The three remaining Hand leaders watch her from the control room. While Murakami claims that they need to stop her before she undoes everything they have built, Gao claims that Elektra is doing exactly what they want to do with Danny - bringing him to the wall down in the cave. Gao reminds them that they are closest to their goal than ever before.

Fighting the Defenders

Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Daredevil eventually arrive at the building that is located above the cave. They arrive to free Danny but when they enter the parking garage, they are confronted by Gao, Bakuto and Murakami. The three have come to prevent the Defenders from taking Danny and it comes to battle. During the fight, Bakuto and Murakami both attack Daredevil and Bakuto nearly manages to execute him. However, Colleen arrives just in time to block the swordstroke. She then continues Daredevil's battle with Bakuto while Daredevil focusses on Murakami. When it seems that the Hand leaders are losing the battle, Bakuto creates a discraction by cutting open a gas pipe and igniting the gas by slashing his sword over the concrete floor. The resulting sparks create an explosion which Luke Cage puts out immediately. Nonetheless, the brief opportunity allows all three masters to escape. While Gao heads down into the cave, Bakuto and Murakami remain behind to secure the way.

Bakuto is killed - this time for good

While patrolling the building, Bakuto inadvertedly arrives near the place where Colleen and Claire are planting explosives. Realizing that Bakuto will find them or the explosives sooner or later, Colleen decides to confront Bakuto. Again, she attacks him and it comes to battle between the two. During the battle, Bakuto taunts Colleen and tells her that Danny has already given them life beyond end. He gives Colleen one last chance to rejoin the Hand but Colleen refuses and keeps fighting. However, Colleen is distracted when Claire is fighting a henchmal and Bakuto uses the opportunity to slice her back. Seconds later, Misty Knight enters the room and shoots the henchman. She aims her gun at Bakuto and tells him to surrender. Bakuto is not intimidated and slowly approaches Misty. Misty fires her entire magazine into Bakuto's stomach but Bakuto is unaffected and knocks out Misty. He draws his sword again and keeps fighting the wounded Colleen. When he knocks her down once more, Claire attacks him from behind but is no match for the trained swordsman. Bakuto disarms her and aims his sword at her throat. Before he can kill her, however, Misty gets back up and attacks Bakuto and turns him around, causing him not to slice Claire's throat but to cut off Misty's arms. Fueled by her fury, Colleen jumps back up again, rams her sword into Bakuto's throat, rips it back out and beheads him.


Bakuto originally presents himself as a righteous man trying to improve the world for the better, and claims that he simply wants to help the poor and downtrodden. In truth, he's a charismatic manipulator who takes advantage of the vulnerable for his own ends. His training school is really nothing more than a cult where he brainwashes impressionable youths into being wholly devoted to him and his ideology, and he demands absolute unconditional loyalty and obedience from all of his subjects. He is willing to forgive his underlings for failure, but he does not tolerate them questioning his motives or showing even the slightest bit of doubt in their mission, as shown when he tried to have Colleen executed for doubting his cause.

Bakuto despises the large corporations that control society, since he believes they abuse their power and prey on the weakest members of society, though ironically his cult does those exact same things. He is proven to be even more of a hypocrite when he attempts to gain control of Rand Enterprises following Madame Gao's imprisonment, taking the Meachum family hostage once they start threatening his financial interests. He also claimed to oppose Madame Gao's drug dealing as a matter of principle, yet he tried to take control of her heroin operation as soon as she was out of the way, further demonstrating his hypocrisy.

Ultimately, Harold Meachum claimed that for all of Bakuto's talk about serving a higher ideal, he was really just a criminal who only cared about money and power; while Harold himself is a frequent liar, Bakuto's own subsequent actions would nonetheless prove him right in this instance.



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