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You are a gift to me, Melody. Your survival could only be a present from the Divine Jaguar. Though Lord Jacob will surely demand my death at tonight's feast for my mistaken divinations, your blood may still redeem my soul from the fires of Akmul. Just as you have become my bane, you have become my salvation.
~ Balam's final words before his death

Balam is a major antagonist in Chris Heimerdinger's novels The Feathered Serpent, Part One and The Feathered Serpent, Part Two, which are the third and fourth books in the Tennis Shoes Adventure Series. Balam is a priest and servant of King Jacob of the Moon.

The Feathered Serpent, Part One

Not much about Balam's past is known, except for the fact that he is a trusted priest of the kingdom of Jacobugath in Nephite times. He, along with some of his other associates, go with Jacob Moon to exact revenge on Jim Hawkins.

Balam is among the men of Jacob Moon who kidnap Jim's daughter Melody. He, along with his associates, bind Melody and lock her in their car's trunk to bring to Frost Cave, which is their time conduit for going back to the time of the Nephites.

Upon returning to ancient times, Balam is one of the people in charge of keeping an eye on Melody. He forces Melody to drink a sedative that puts her into a deep sleep so Balam, and the other men of Jacob, can change her into ancient clothes.

The Feathered Serpent, Part Two

As the entourage is travelling to Jacobugath, Melody undergoes pains from a kink in her intestines. Jacob offers to have Balam perform a ritual that would cure Melody. Melody refuses, however. For the remainder of their journey, Balam continues to perform his role as a diviner to King Jacob.

In the city of Jacobugath, Balam is with Jacob when he attempts to wheedle important information out of Garth Plimpton. Jacob and Balam bring Melody before Garth, torturing Melody by coating her hands and face in a hard rubber-like substance. Garth watches Melody suffocate and reiterates the fact that he truly doesn't know where the treasure of Haberekiah is. Right after this point sinks in, the city is attacked, drawing Jacob's and Balam's attention away.

While the city is under attack, Balam goes back to Melody as she manages to scrape some of the rubber substance off of herself. Balam tries to kill Melody for good, but he is attacked by Jim and Marcos. Marcos is quickly overpowered by Balam, but Melody joins the fight and saves Marcos' life. Marcos then stabs Balam in the back and kicks him over the edge of the tower, to his death.

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