Balance from Clarence

Balance is a character in Clarence. He works at the Invisible Circus.


He looks similar to Clarence, mainly by the shape of head and face, but appears as a midget, rather than a kid. He has darker orange skin and has a odd nose similar to Belson's, except shorter, he has similar hairstyle to Clarence, except it lacks bumps, more like the reversed type, and has yellow teeth, he also has a fake pirate hook on his right hand and brown overalls, and grey shirt, and he also has a unibrow, much like Belson.


The episode starts where Ms. Baker starts introducing a new kid that is named Balance, after introducing himself, he shows his pirate hook hand toward the students, causing them to scream in horror, Balance is seen walking in the locker room and suddenly meets Clarence in the locker room where Clarence is collecting rocks and Balance stares angrily at Clarence and he thinks that Clarence he better than him and he bangs on the locker causing the rocks to fall, meanwhile at the lunchroom, Balance picks on 4 kids such as Nathan, Mavis, Gilben, and especially Belson, Balance grabs Belson's handheld game with his pirate hook and throws it at the wall, Ms. Baker comes in and tells Balance to get vaccinated, meanwhile at the school hallways Belson and Clarence is doing a tape to expose Balance, however, that didn't work out well, at class, Balance asks Ms. Baker if he could use the bathroom, when Clarence sees Balance without his pirate hook hand and shaving, Clarence screams in horror, and goes to the teacher's lounge where Balance is, Balance is hypnotizing the teachers and it failed when the Ring Leader calls out his name and used his whip to take out his pirate hook hand and calls out Chumo and Beff to capture Balance and Balance slams his face into the locker and thrown into the circus cage, when the circus cart fell, Balance is free again.


He's much opposite that of Clarence, he seems to give fear to everyone, and usually grabs certain people by the neck with the use of his pirate hook, he's seems nice to other teachers, including Ms Baker, than kids, he's somewhat acrobatic, as he able to stand on fork without falling, as it later revealed that he can also do hypnosis, especially on teachers for attention.

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