Balarant is a minor antagonist from the Tower of Druaga series. He most notably appears in The Blue Crystal Rod, the fourth game in the series.

Balarant is the emperor of the Sumer Empire, the aggressive empire located to the south of Babylim. He lives in a large palace with his unnamed wife. When he heard about the Blue Crystal Rod, he ordered the attack on Babylim. With the intent to steal the Blue Crystal Rod, he enslaves the survivors and forces them to build a huge tower. The god Anu destroys the tower, and then the demon Druaga steals the rod, rebuilds the tower, and dwells in it.

In The Blue Crystal Rod, Gil and Ki can visit Balarant, where they may discover that Balarant and his soldiers were being manipulated by the demon Anshar. Depending on the player's actions, he might give his throne to Gil. Other endings leave his fate unclear.

In The Nightmare of Druaga, it is mentioned that Balarant sold his soul to the devil.

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