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Generalissimo Balcom (in Japanese: バルコム大将軍, Barukomu Daishōgun), simply known as Balcom, is a major anime-exclusive villain in Fist of the North Star.

He was voiced by the late Seizō Katō in the Japanese version, and Beau Billingslea in the English dubbed version.


As Shin's second-in-command, Balcom gathers a large number of the KING Organization for a speech on Kenshiro and his past victories. In the next episode, he informs Shin that Wolf's Demolition team will be on their way to get Kenshiro.

In Episode 19, Balcom has a man named Temjina punished for disrespecting Shin. Yuria's caretaker, Saki tries to offer to get punished in his place, but Balcom refuses. He also turns down Yuria's pleas to let Temjina go. When the torturer is executed by Shin, Balcom tries to explain he wanted Temjina punished on his authority but is kicked lightly in the head, as Shin is the law of his city of Southern Cross.

In Episode 20, Balcom informs his boss that Kenshiro will be closing in on Southern Cross any moment now. When Toda and the South Star Rail Cannon fail, Balcom leads a helicopter squad to bomb Toda's battleship hideout hoping to kill Ken. They seemingly succeed, but Joker is not convinced.

In Episode 21, Balcom organizes of meeting with Shin's generals upon realizing his reward will be late. As the generals plot to steal Southern Cross, Nariman disagrees. After a brief fight, Balcom kills Nariman to prevent the plot from being ratted out. At the unveiling of Yuria's statue, Balcom and his henchmen ambush Shin planning to assassinate him. They seemingly kill him with grenades, and plan to make Yuria Balcom's slave. But Shin reveals himself to have survived and challenges his former general to one-on-one combat. Balcom seemed to be a strong foe to Shin with a hardened body and his Taizanji Kenpo, but Shin was eventually able to break his defenses and cut Balcom apart.

Powers and Abilities

Balcom is said to possess superhuman armor on his body and uses a known Taizanji Kenpo technique, the Yoki Genyu Ken, that allows him to cut through opponents with blinding speed.


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