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The Bald Convict was a criminal in the Seinfeld episode The Airport. He was trying to steal George Costanza's Time magazine.

He was portrayed by Scott Burkholder.

We see him in the Airport, escorted by FBI, apparently taking him to another state. George gets the magazine he wants. This gets the convict mad, who then says, "I got it first." George apologizes, and then says he got there first. But he won't take no for an answer. He provokes George by calling him an idiot. He then looks at the cover and realizes that he's the subject of it. This causes George to insult him, further enraging the convict. He then launches an insulting laugh - "Oh I can't wait to read my time magazine, last copy too. Maybe I'll read it tommorow, in the park. Supposed to be a beautiful day. Have a nice life... sentence that is." However, he gets his chance at revenge in the end when he finds George on his plane and beats him up in the airplane bathroom.

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