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The Bald Headhunter is the main antagonist in the 2013 splatter horror film The Green Inferno. He is the murderous leader of a cannibalistic tribe living in the Peruvian rainforest.

He was portrayed by Ramón Llao.


After returning from a protest action against the destruction of the rainforest, the plane of a group of activists crashes somewhere in the Peruvian jungle. The surviving activists are quickly captured by tribe members led by the Bald Headhunter and brought into their village, where all except Jonah are imprisoned. The leader of the tribe gouges out Jonah's eyes and cuts off his tongue, eating them. After she is done, the Bald Headhunter cuts off Jonah's arms and legs, before the Elder kills him by cutting off his head.

The next day, the Bald Headhunter wakes up the prisoners, separating the male from the female activists. He brings the girls before the Elder where they are stripped.

After Amy has committed suicide because she realized that the food the natives gave her was the flesh of her friend Samantha, the Bald Headhunter enters the cage and violently beats the corpse. Amy's body is then cooked. As the activists rammed their marijuana down Amy's corpse, the villagers get high and the activist use the opportunity to escape, leaving their leader Alejandro behind.

After they are recaptured, Daniel is tied to a pole and severely beaten by the Bald Headhunter, who break several bones. The Headhunter then smears Daniel with a paster and leaves him to be devoured by ants. They are interrupted when a villager arrives with the head of one of the workers who are advancing on the forest with their work. The Elder calls the tribe and the men leave, led by the headhunter, to attack the villagers while the Elder leaves with the women to get to safety.

After being freed by a young native she befriended earlier, Justine tries to get to safety and accidentally walks onto the battlefield, where the natives are slaughtered by the militia guarding the workers. Suddenly she is grabbed by a man on the ground, the headhunter, who has been severely injured. He mumbles something but is then shot in the chest by a soldier and dies immediately.



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