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Baldez is the strongest warrior of the Dusk Zone and the main antagonist of Pretty Cure Max Heart. He can repel Marble Screw Max, Heartiel Action and Extreme Luminario and he generates wind waves. He suffers a temporary defeat when Pretty Cure acquire the Sparkle Bracelets that allow them to use Pretty Cure Marble Screw Max Sparkle but returns in a later episode. He is the leader of Circulas, Viblis and Uraganos. In the last few episodes he is revealed to be the new Dark King, and gains all the powers that the old Dark King once held. He is finally defeated when Hikari Kujou becomes the new Queen of Light and helps out Pretty Cure.


Baldez first appears when the girls are in the field with the Tako Cafe selling. Suddenly all animals are altered and Hikari Bell leaves behind, a lamb that had adopted as a pet shop at the festival, and comes across Valdes. Honoka and Nagisa also leave behind her and see also Baldez. Immediately transform and see how strong it is and can not overcome it. That is why we are going to look for Bright Bracelets. It is them who manage to beat back momentarily and darkness need to reform. Go back a few chapters later but still can not beat the new attack. After the appearance of Lulun begins to realize that the life of the Queen is growing, so she decides to have the child of the mansion and Hikari are known for this to develop more rapidly (being opposite the dark and light) and makes possible the resurrection of Dark King. It is then merged with the Dark King forming a new King. He faces several times against Pretty Cure, but when he gets angry and manages to lay him decides to end once and for all with the Garden of Rainbows, is when the Queen appears and stops him, while Pretty Cure Bright and make their last attack and finally end up with him.


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