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I am the "Sinister Wolf", a cruel beast that feasts on blood and flesh! I've been letting off my steam and my wild desire in this chateau!
~ Baldo revealing his true colors.


Baldo is an antagonist from the Danmachi Memoria Freese campaign Nightmare Academia. He is a seemingly-reformed illegal gamber who spends his days guarding a cave where students of the magic school come to gather materials. Truth be told, he is the "Sinister Wolf", in turn also called "Vanargand", a creature that can change from a man to a wolf and feasts on the blood and flesh of his victims.


Being a carbon copy of Bors Elder in terms of appearance, he has short dark hair, is tall and muscular, and is pale-skinned.

He wears a pair of pants, a vest with no shirt, a pair of fingerless gloves, and an eyepatch.

The Reveal

After Bell killed Aylis, he, along with a still brainwashed Liliruca and Eina, head to the Chateau by the Lake where they are confronted by Baldo who reveals himself as the Sinister Wolf. Unwilling to let the cat out of the bag, Baldo transforms into his wolf form to kill the trio. Seeing some sort of force keeping them from leaving the area, Bell finds himself having to kill the beast.

After being mortally wounded, Baldo admits he didn’t expect Bell to be so strong and warns him that there will be “the second and the third me” that will challenge him before dying from his injuries.



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