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Balford is a supporting antagonist of the 1982 film First Blood. He is a Ligget County Sheriff Department deputy working for Will Teasle.

He was portrayed by Michael Talbott and so far his only villain role.


Following John Rambo's breakdown after suffering the abuse by the hands of Art Galt and several deputies, Balford tries to stop Rambo from escaping, but ends up being knocked down. He later aided Teasle, Ward, Shingleton, Orval Kellerman, and Mitch during a forest manhunt on Rambo following Galt's death. Despite being in league with Teasle, Balford pointed out that Rambo is a Green Beret that is not to be messed with, to which Mitch suggested that they leave the experienced State Police to handle the situation. However, Teasle refuses to give up his pursuit of Rambo and demanded his men to move on.

However, each of Teasle's men end up being ambushed by Rambo. After accidentally shooting Ward in the arm, Balford chases down Rambo, only for a whole strip of wood spikes to swing out in front of him and punctured his upper thighs, painfully impaling his legs. Eventually, Teasle was able to free Balford from the spikes before having him and the others sent to the hospital for their injuries.

It is unknown what happened to Balford afterwards.


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