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Balleroy Temeglyph is an antagonist in the Japanese dark fantasy franchise Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World. Although he did not appear in the main 2014 light novel series, he acted as the central antagonist of The Great Journeys, the fourth volume of the spin-off series Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World Ex.

Temeglyph was native to the Empire of Volakia, a meritocratic nation located to the south of Lugunica that revered individual strength above all else. The greatest military leaders of Volakia were the Nine Divine Generals, the lowest-ranked of which was Balleroy, who was therefore known as Nine.

Temeglyph was practically raised by his elder brother-in-law Miles, who taught him how to tame and ride a flying dragon. Eventually, Miles was killed in action in Lugunica by the Master Swordsman Reinhard van Astrea. In honor of his beloved brother, Nine plotted his revenge against the Swordsman.

The perfect opportunity for Balleroy's revenge came when, alongside his comrades Ferris and Julius Juukulius, Reinhard made a diplomatic visit to the Emperor of Volakia Vincent Volakia. Nine involved himself with a coup that attempted to paint the Knights of Lugunica as enemies of the state who had kidnapped the Emperor. However, the three Knights were able to unearth the plot. Balleroy himself was defeated in a duel with Julius before he could even face the Master Swordsman.



  • Despite only having a singular appearance in which he was killed off, the series' author Tappei Nagatsuki considered Balleroy his favorite of the Nine Divine Generals.

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