Welcome. I am Ballos. Ages ago, in fear of enduring further punishment, I allowed my magic to run wild... My magic became such that even its master's hand could not control it. As I looked on, unable to quell its fiery rage, it took from me my loved ones, my children, my dearest wife... Their cries of agony soared above the flames. I could not avert my eyes, so I merely gazed upon the spectacle... Laughing... Jenka sealed me away, but my magic yet rages out of control even now. Long, long have I waited... Waited for the one who would finally subdue my magic's fury... Now, kill me! Or I--shall kill YOU!!
~ Ballos telling his backstory before battling Quote and Curly Brace.

Ballos is the overarching antagonist of the game Cave Story. He is a corrupt sorcerer who is the younger brother of Jenka and the uncle of Misery, as well as the creator of the Demon Crown.


Ballos is the creator of the Demon Crown. His niece Misery forced him to create it. Unfortunately, she was quite rude and harshly demanding. Due to this, Ballos cursed and doomed her and Balrog to obey the one who wears it, that "one" ultimately being the Doctor.

Ballos originally had a very peaceful life on the surface many years ago and possessed a great talent for magic. He helped many people, who loved him in return. However, the jealous king captured him and tortured him non-stop, angry that all of his subjects viewed Ballos as the true figure of leadership in the kingdom. This cruelty continued until he went insane with rage at his weakest point. Ballos broke free of his prison and swallowed his once lovely kingdom in flames. Besides the king, he sadly killed his son and wife. Unable to look away from the sight and broken by what he had done, Ballos could only laugh in horrified madness.

Jenka, Ballos' sister, imprisoned him in the Seal Chamber in the Mimiga island. For Jenka, killing her younger brother would be impossible. Unfortunately, his magic continued to grow even stronger with each passing minute and supply the Demon Crown with the ability to endlessly resurrect itself.



  • In the Nicalis translation, Balrog refers to Jenka as "Auntie", thus implying that Balrog may be Ballos' son. This may be why Balrog is a servant of the Demon Crown, which was created by Ballos.
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