Ballpark Frank

The ultimate sports fan, Ballpark Frank's number two goal is goals. His number one goal is your brains.
~ Ballpark Frank's description.

Ballpark Frank is one of the secondary antagonists of the tower defense game Plants vs. Zombies 3. He is a sporting member of the Brainiac, who leads a sporty zombie horde.


After listened to Immorticia, the plants located Ballpark Frank at BBQ Beach and then tricked him drinking a bottle of spicy mustard. He found it delicious, but suddenly puked the final Key to the Vault. It is unknown what happened to him afterward.

Powers and Abilities

Ballpark Frank pilots his robotic audience seat that moves around, fires piercing projectiles, and summons zombies.


Ballpark Frank's army consists sporting-themed zombies:

  • Goalie Zombie: This zombie changes lanes, catches plants' projectiles, and throws them back.
    • Mega-Goalie Zombie: The mega minion counterpart of Goalie Zombie, who is immune to damage while changing lanes.
  • Super-Fan Imp: This Imp explodes when he interacts with a plant.
    • Super-Duper-Fan Imp: The mega minion form of a Super-Fan Imp. who explodes multiple times when he reaches the plants.
  • Basketball Zombie: This zombie performs basketball moves with her Imp. When her health is at the half, she throws her Imp and moves faster.
    • Mega-Basketball Zombie: This gigantic version of Basketball Zombie, who throws more Imps during half health.
  • Slugger Zombie: This zombie stands back and bats one baseball gloves at a time to damage plants.
    • Mega-Slugger Zombie: This huge slugger bats three gloves instead of one.
  • All-Star Zombie: This zombie tackles the first plant he meets, and punts any kind of Imps forward.



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