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I want to be the biggest villain.
~ Ballu

Balaram "Ballu Balram" Rakesh Prasad is the antihero of 1993 Indian film Khalnayak. He is a terrorist who works with gangster boss Roshi Manthara and Ram Sinha's former friend.

He is portrayed by Sanjay Dutt.


Ballu was born in the village he was second child to Mr and Aarhti Prasad were teachers and older sister Sunita. Ballu is well known for his temper and close relationship with his mother and sister. during the class he met a orphan Ram whom Aarti considered him as second son, both Ballu and Ram become friends afterwards Ram moved to big city. he met Roshi Mathata knows him because Ballu was grandson of freedom fighter by used influence

Family Tragedy

Roshi Manthara is crime boss who ruled the city who used Ballu to brainwashed him as henchman when Ballu's sister found out for what happened to her brother as she protested against the crime she was shot to death by Roshi followed by Ballu's father. the relationship between mother and son is stanited when Ballu left house to worked with Manthara.

Criminal and Terrorist

Six years later, Ballu become a notorious killer and the Roshi Manthara's henchman. during disguised photographer as after killing politician who opposed Manthara's crimes Ballu was arrested and beaten by police and taken to station when he met a old friend Ram Kumar Sinha is now police officer but they didn't recognized each other, during the interrogation Ballu kills a man in front of police and Ram had duel by fight with him and later Ballu escaped from jail caused Sihna's humiliation .

Escape and Meeting Ganga

he sees Ganga Gatori Devi who was undercover cop and Ram's girlfriend who posed as dancer in order get him into jail and ask her to joined the gang. Ballu begun feelings for her but he didn't know that Ganga was Ram's fiacee

Meanwhile Ram shocked to saw a photograph of Aarhti Prasad and stoped the police for ingorted her when he learns about what happened to Ballu.


Ballu learns that Roshi was one to killed his sister it become anger on him before Ballu got shot by a gun of Roshi's henchman and his mother was rescued by police

Boss and Count

After Mahanta's death Ballu become boss of the gang but he learns that Ganga faced changes in trail  Ballu and gang arrived as bandits to defended Ganga for not guilty and reunited her with his friend Ram   He promise to his mother to waiting him when he come back.

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