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Balthazar came in fire and wrath, carrying the head of his father and leading his fierce hounds, Temar and Tegon. He swept Orr with a cleansing flame. It was he who claimed Tyria for humanity; he who said the other races would be easy to defeat. It would not be the only time that the Master of War was wrong.
~ The Orrian History Scrolls on Balthazar.

Balthazar is an unseen deity in Guild Wars and the main antagonist in Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire.

He is voiced by Peter Jessop.


Balthazar is the God of War, Fire, and Challenge. He was the second of the Six Human Gods to arrive to Tyria from an unknown place in the Mists, claiming the world for humans. He had urged humans to wage wars against other races, while he himself waged a war against his half-brother Menzies. The Gods eventually settled in the holy city of Arah, being drawn by its magic, bringing many other powerful artifacts for keeping and studying. They also eventually learned of the Elder Dragons, realizing the dragons are more powerful than they are. In 1 BE, the Six decided to gift magic to the mortal races, with Balthazar's own sword Sohothin and its twin Magdaer being given to humans. The gift, however, left the races greedy, starting numerous new wars. After sealing the magic into Bloodstones, Abaddon, another god, turned on the others over splitting the magic. After defeating Abaddon, the Five had decided not to intervene in Tyrian affairs to prevent further destruction. After the awakening of Primordus in 1075 AE, most gods held the opinion to leave Tyria for good as the God's interference would make things only worse. However, Balthazar disagreed with them, as he craved for more war and was ready to add the Elder Dragon's powers to his own. Eventually, Balthazar had threatened the other Gods, which led to his imprisonment and stripping of his powers. Balthazar remained imprisoned until 1328 AE, with his freedom starting the events of "Living World Season 3" and eventually "Path of Fire."


Balthazar's appearance is that of an older human man. Under his great helmet he has graying hair and beard, with his face being partially covered in war paint. His regalia, with the motif of chains, hints at his former imprisonment. As one of his domains is fire, the armor itsef has several fiery parts. His weapon of choice is a fiery greatsword that can act on its own. On paintings and statues, Balthazar is usually depicted with his two hounds and the greatsword.


I will NOT be dismissed! I am Balthazar, mightiest of the Six! And I swear to you, you will scream your allegiance before the end!
~ Balthazar to the other Human Gods.
After you killed him, people were celebrating. And I was afraid. Too afraid to open my lips to say that I... I remember him differently. After you, the forge was cold. The practice yards empty. The temples silent. My brothers and sisters, gone. I wandered the heights and called their names. The echoes came back unanswered. I was, I am, completely alone. You had snuffed him out. People have already forgotten everything he was. Everything we were. Now the world will remember us only by the worst thing our god ever did. Do you understand? You've made their sacrifice meaningless.
~ Zafirah, one of Balthazar's followers, to the Pact Commander.


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