Balthazar Douglas Peterson, or better known by his first name Balthazar, is a major antagonist in Nickelodeon's 23rd feature film Rango.

He was voiced by the late Harry Dean Stanton.


Balthazar and his two sons sneak into Dirt to steal the water, and Sheriff Rango unknowingly gives them proper directions and equipment, thinking they are prospectors. The next morning, everyone finds the bank robbed and the water gone, so Rango forms a posse with his friends to track down Balthazar.

The posse tracks him down to his clan's territory in a mountain side, and a big battle ensues between the clan and the posse. While the posse tries to escape on the hamster-drawn cart with the water, the clan mounts bats and swarms them, chasing them through the mountain side.

The battle comes to a standstill when they suddenly realize the water jug is empty. It was actually empty when the prairie dogs found it and they brought it back anyway. Nevertheless, Rango arrests Balthazar and his accomplices for "stealing" the water, and bring them to the Prison in Dirt, where they are sentenced to hang the next morning.

However, Rango later uncovers the truth that Mayor Tortoise John actually stole the water and let the prairie dogs take the blame for it. To save them from being executed for a crime that they did not commit, Rango calls together the rest of the plan to help him flood Dirt, returning the water and overthrowing John, which also sets Balthazar and his sons free.


  • Wayne Brady was considered for the role of Balthazar before the late Harry Dean Stanton was cast.
  • Harry Dean Stanton was born on July 14, 1926 in West Irvine, Kentucky, 85 years before the film's release.


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