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I've been a baaaaaad boy!
~ Balthazar Bratt's catchphrase.
You've ruined everything! And now, it's time to die! Any last words, Gru?!
~ Balthazar Bratt's villainous breakdown before dance fighting Gru for the final time.

Balthazar Bratt is the main antagonist of Illumination's 8th feature film Despicable Me 3.

He was once the star of a television show before it was cancelled due to his puberty. Bent on getting revenge against Hollywood for ousting him, he plans to get rid of the iconic studio by making it float away into outer space. He is also Clive's boss and the archenemy of Felonious Gru.

He was voiced by Trey Parker, who is best known for creating the hit animated comedy series South Park and voicing half the characters on it including Eric Cartman, Randy Marsh, Scott Tenorman, Nathan, Mimsy, Mr. Garrison and Mr. Hat, as well as voicing Kim Jong-il in Team America: World Police. When disguised as Lucy Wilde, he was voiced by Kristen Wiig, who also played Miss Hattie in the original film, Madame Hagfish in SpongeBob SquarePants, Katinka Ingaborgovinananananana in Zoolander 2 and Cheetah in Wonder Woman 1984.


As a child, Bratt was an adorable child of small stature and wore a purple blazer with shoulder pads and a white shirt underneath, he also wore purple parachute pants and black and white shoes. He also had a thick head of black medium length hair styled into a mullet.

As he was going through puberty, he got taller with a growth spurt and developed facial hair and pimples on his face.

In the present day, Bratt is a tall, slim, and athletically built man with fair skin. He now has a thick and bushy black mustache and his hair is a bit longer but also has a bald spot. He wears an updated version of his original outfit but added several hidden features into his clothes such as his shoes turning into water skis and his outfit turning into a paraglider. He also has one gold earring and is seen holding his keytar a lot. Bratt is also mostly seen blowing a bubble out of bubble gum which he did frequently on his TV show as well.


Balthazar Bratt was nothing more or less than a pure megalomaniac with 100% egotism. He is a pure egotist who thinks almost only on himself and only on his actions. In addition to being an egotistical megalomaniac, Bratt is an extremely ruthless and destructive individual who shows no mercy towards his enemies especially when he attempted to destroy Hollywood and mostly, he enjoys wreaking havoc and destruction as revenge on them for canceling his Evil Bratt show and decimating his career. And given the fact that over three decades have passed since Evil Bratt was canceled, it's likely that just about everyone involved in Bratt's show ending has since retired and moved away from Hollywood, making his revenge hit people who've done nothing to him.

Yet, Bratt sees no evil in his actions, which means that he is a pretentious and delusional individual who had lost faith in the world, and he is also extremely vindictive and cruel, as all he wanted was to destroy Hollywood as revenge for canceling his TV show. In addition to this goal, Bratt sought what all supervillains sought; to gain world domination after he destroyed Hollywood. In addition to his dangerous, megalomaniacal, violent, and evil personality, Bratt is a man who lost his time: Stuck in the past, he always lives in the bubble of himself, which means that he always likes to listen to music from the 80s (such as the songs "Bad" by the late Michael Jackson, "Take on Me" by A-ha, or "Into the Groove" by Madonna, to name but a few), why he always acts like a man in the 80s.

Bratt is also an extremely puerile, manipulative and cunning individual; for example, when he uses his skills of mastery of disguise, Bratt can pose himself as an obese jewel expert to steal the DuPont Diamond from Paris and also impersonating Lucy Wilde, succeeded in manipulating Gru and kidnapping the girls.



You know what, Clive? Playing a villain on TV was fun, but being one in real life is even better!
~ Balthazar Bratt to his robotic sidekick Clive.

During his youth, Balthazar Bratt played a character called Evil Bratt in his self-titled series Evil Bratt, which revolved around him performing various evil deeds (such as robbing banks, defeating armies, destroying cities, and anything else dastardly). Although the series was beloved worldwide, during the third season, Bratt hit puberty and the series fell from popularity and was canceled soon after. Bratt, having his reputation and career destroyed by his fall from grace, immediately turned to a life of crime, believing himself to be Evil Bratt.

Despicable Me 3

Feud with Gru and the AVL

Hello Gru, how's your transition coming? You know from world's worst villain to world's worst agent?!
~ Balthazar's first encounter with Gru in the movie.

After his turn to villainy, Balthazar Bratt quickly rose to the top of the Anti Villain League's most wanted criminal list and fought with them on various occasions, particularly with Felonious Gru, an ex-supervillain, and the AVL's newest member as well as his partner/wife Lucy Wilde.

Attempting to Steal the World's Largest Diamond

Bratt, along with his robotic sidekick Clive (who was also in the television series), robs an ocean liner transporting the world's largest diamond, the Dumont Diamond, using his rapidly inflating bubblegum to turn the ship airborne. Balthazar then gets into a fight with Gru, and, after disarming each other, begin "dance fighting", although Gru seemingly knocks him out. As Gru prepares to turn the diamond back to the authorities, Bratt gets back up, stating that he was only pretending to be knocked out, and blows Gru away using a sonic keytar, publicly humiliating him in the process. Before Bratt can get away, numerous AVL agents swarm the liner, forcing him to escape. As punishment for failing to capture Bratt, both Gru and Lucy are fired from the AVL by the new and overly harsh director Valerie Da Vinci.

Retaking the Diamond and Plotting his Revenge

After escaping Gru, Bratt poses as an overweight jewel inspector to gain access to and retrieve the Dumont Diamond from a museum in Paris. The next day, Balthazar Bratt's diamond heist makes the first page of the news, infuriating Gru. Later, Bratt trains for "the big day" and watches an episode of his television series in which Evil Bratt attacks a city with a giant robot and uses his expanding bubblegum to float the city into space, with Bratt planning on doing the same thing to Hollywood as revenge for them canceling his show.

Against Gru and Dru

To get his old job back, Gru plots to steal the Dumont Diamond back from Bratt with the help of his twin brother Dru (who believes them to be stealing it as an act of villainy, not heroism). Making it to Bratt's bedroom, they narrowly avoid waking him up and alerting him before he wakes up himself and continues working on his giant robot. After Dru accidentally alerts Bratt to their presence by nearly choking on his expanding bubblegum, Gru throws the gum at Bratt, sticking him to the wall while they take the diamond and narrowly escape his fortress in a helicopter piloted by Lucy (who had followed them) and they return to Dru's mansion with the diamond.

Once at the mansion, however, Gru and Dru get into an argument over how the former wants to return to the AVL while the latter wants to continue their family's villainy tradition, ending with both disowning each other and Gru storms out.

Meanwhile, Bratt disguises himself as Lucy (tying up and gagging the real Lucy, and stuffing her in a closet), takes the diamond back and kidnaps Margo, Edith, and Agnes (along with Agnes' new pet one-horned goat Lucky). Gru is about to leave out the door when he finds Lucy in the closet and she frantically tells him that Bratt took the girls. Gru and Lucy then rush to Dru who is still sulking from their argument. But learning that his nieces have been snatched by Bratt, Dru immediately drops his anger at his brother and he, Gru and Lucy board his hovercraft and fly to Hollywood to stop Bratt and rescue the girls. On the way there, they nearly collide with the aircraft that the Minions built (to escape from prison), and the Minions decide to follow them.

Attacking Hollywood

HELLOOOOOOO, HOLLYWOOD! I'm back and bigger than ever!
~ Bratt as he attacks Hollywood in his giant robot.

At Hollywood, Bratt's giant robotic self-replica emerges from the ocean and begins attacking the city, shooting his expanding gum everywhere as several people fearfully panic and run. Edith demands Bratt to release her and her sisters, and Bratt complies by casually placing the girls (and the goat) on the ledge of a building to give them a perfect view of the destruction he is causing. After shooting enough of the gum, Bratt uses the robot's diamond-powered laser cannon to begin separating Hollywood from the ground to let it drift off.

Gru, Dru, and Lucy arrive at Hollywood to see Bratt's robot attacking the city and Dru realize Bratt's plan due to having watched Evil Bratt. The Minions parachute out of their aircraft and onto the expanding gum and desperately try to pop it, but it is too strong and sturdy. While Lucy rescues the girls, Gru and Dru shoot Bratt's robot with several missiles. Unfortunately, they prove to be ineffective and Bratt has his Bratt-Bots—modified Evil Bratt dolls—bring down Gru and Dru's plane, and the two brothers leap out of the aircraft before it crashes and explodes. Dru uses the suction on his spy suit to land on the robot's chest plate (without Bratt noticing), while Gru lands hard on the ground, knocking him unconscious. Seeing the unconscious Gru, Bratt begins firing his laser towards him, but before the beam can reach Gru, Dru destroys the robot's generator, causing it to collapse.

Final Dance Fight and Defeat

Whilst trying to search the wreckage for his brother, Gru comes face to face with an enraged Bratt, and before he can use his keytar to blow him away, Gru proposes a dance fight and Bratt complies, setting the music to Madonna's "Into the Groove". After a brief dance fight, Gru snatches Bratt's keytar and uses it to both blow him away and similarly humiliate him to how Bratt had previously done to him earlier, leaving Bratt floating away in his gum while naked, as AVL helicopters swarm in to arrest him. With Bratt's arrest, Gru and Lucy are finally reinstated to the AVL.


Ooh la la. You have been duped! (Museum Director: What? We have?!) ME!
~ Bratt, disguised as a jewel inspector before revealing himself.
Oh, it's too bad Gru won't be around to try to stop me. Wait, no it's not. I hate that dweeb! And you, Hollywood! This time, I'm canceling you! AND ALL THE LOSERS WHO REJECTED ME!
~ Bratt seeking vengeance on Hollywood for canceling his show.
You've been a bad boy, Gru. Can you get the rest of the suitcases? Come on, girls, let's go! Let's get physical, physical! Change of plan, girls. Instead of going home... WE'RE GOING TO HOLLYWOOD! Now, that's what I call acting. Let's go, Clive. We've got a giant robot waiting!
~ Balthazar Bratt disguising himself as Lucy Wilde whilst kidnapping Margo, Edith, Agnes and Lucky in his getaway jet.
(Edith: Hey, Mullethead! Let us out!) Oh, don't worry, girls! I've prepared a front-row seat for you! Once again, I win and Gru loses! Enjoy the show, girls!
~ Bratt "releasing" the girls by casually placing them atop the edge of a skyscraper.
Sorry, Gru. This is gonna be a total burn!'
~ Bratt while attempting to incinerate the unconscious Gru with his robot's lasers.
GAME OVER! (laughs evilly as he reaches for his keytar, but sees Gru holding it) Huh? (Gru: Is this what you're looking for?) NO! (groans and yells while getting blasted away by Gru into bubble gum) NOOOOOO! CURSE YOU, GRU! Ow! Curse you!
~ Bratt's last words.
Son of a Betamax! (when he sees the Alpha team ship approaching, then he runs away)


  • Balthazar Bratt's plan to float Hollywood into space is very similar to Ultron's plan in Avengers: Age of Ultron and Russ Cargill's plan in The Simpsons Movie. However, while Balthazar only wanted to float Hollywood away, Ultron wanted to crash Sokovia into the Earth and wipe out humanity and Russ wanted to trap Springfield with his large dome and later destroy the whole town to make money for the new Grand Canyon.
  • Balthazar Bratt's Giant Robot interior resembles the Emotions' Headquarters from Inside Out.
  • In the film, several 80s songs can be heard playing whenever Balthazar appears, such as "Bad" by the late Michael Jackson, "Sussudio" by Phil Collins, "Jump" by Van Halen, "Take on Me" by A-ha, "Into the Groove" by Madonna and "Money for Nothing" by Dire Straights.
  • Balthazar Bratt's name is likely a reference/shout out to Benjamin Bratt, who voiced El Macho in Despicable Me 2, although it is equally possible that his name is simply a pun on the word brat (meaning a spoiled, obnoxious child).
  • He bears a striking resemblance and has a similar voice to Randy Marsh from South Park, another character that Trey Parker voices and created (although in fairness both Bratt and Randy's voices are similar to Trey's natural speaking voice) and this makes many think that it is possible that Trey (being an animator himself) could have had some influence on Bratt's design, although this remains unconfirmed.
    • Additionally Bratt's child self even has a similar voice to Stan Marsh, Randy's son in the same series however as previously stated this could also be because Stan's voice like Bratt's is similar to Trey's natural speaking voice.
  • Balthazar Bratt is generally considered by critics and moviegoers to be one of the best parts of Despicable Me 3.
  • Balthazar Bratt is the only main antagonist in the Despicable Me franchise to not have a familial relationship as Vector is the son of Mr. Perkins, El Macho is the father of Antonio Perez, and Scarlet Overkill is married to Herb Overkill.
  • Bratt's outfit is likely a homage to Prince's looks from the 1980s, particularly with the prominent use of purple and the style of blazer he wears being quite similar to the late singer's style.

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