Balzack is one of the main villains and a boss in Dragon Quest IV, serving as the central antagonist of Chapter 4 and a major antagonist in Chapter 5.

Balzack was one of two disciples of the famous alchemist Mahabala. When his master discovered the Secret of Evolution, Balzack betrayed and killed him and then stole the formula for his new master, Psaro the Manslayer.

Meena and Maya, the two daughters of Mahabala, start searching for Balzack in order to get revenge on their father, eventually getting the help of Oojam, the other disciple of the famous alchemist. They finally discover Balzack is hiding in Palais de Léon where they confront and defeat him. However they are interrupted by the Marquis de Léon, who sends Balzack somewhere else and confronts the group. Meena, Maya and Oojam are no match for the Marquis and has them locked in jail. With the help of the locked-up Marquis' father and after promising him to free the Palais from his corrupt son, the two sisters escape and flee to Endor, in order to meet with the Legendary Hero.

Balzack is found again during Chapter 5, having invaded the castle of Zamoksva and turned into a more monstrous form. He calls himself Baalzack and shows to have a totally twisted mind, believing he's become more powerful than even Psaro and desiring to prove it. Upon being defeated, some monsters appear and call him a failed experiment, implying that Psaro could have used him as a test to try out the Secret of Evolution and its consequences.

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