Bami in Ys: Memories of Celceta

What a foolish way to view the situation. The last one standing is always the victor, no matter how that victory was achieved. And as you're about to learn, I will always be the last one standing!
~ Bami

Bami is a villainess from all versions of Ys IV and Ys: Memories of Celceta.


Bami is one of the two associates of Gruda, along with Gadis. She is tasked with testing the replicas of the Mask of the Sun created by Gruda, so she kidnaps the villagers of Comodo to use as guinea pigs, controlling them through the masks. When she is confronted by the heroes, she reveals one of her slaves a being Remnos, Karna's brother, vanishing shortly after. Remnos eventually breaks free of the curse but pledges his loyalty to Gruda, claiming to want to learn the secrets of Celceta, but Bami never trusts him.

When the heroes go into Mt. Vesuvio to get one of the pieces of the Mask of the Moon, Remnos faces the heroes but leaves the piece behind for them, but hen he puts on his mask it starts draining his life. Bami then shows up and reveals she placed a curse on it to kill him if he betrayed then, leaving to pick the Mask of the Moon piece herself. The heroes leave Remnos in the care of General Leo and follow her. Bami then uses her own mask replica to turn into a harpy monster and confront the heroes, but she ends ultimately defeated. Her death causes the curse on Remnos to disappear.


  • Bami plays a similar role in the older versions of Ys IV, summoning various of the monsters fought in the game and preventing the heroes from reaching Gruda.


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