Bana is a major antagonist in the video game, Xenoblade Chronicles 2. He is a Nopon who is the Chairman of the Argentum Trade Guild. Despite the fact that he's a respected person, he's actually a ruthless businessmen willing to do whatever it takes to become richer.


Bana is first seen hiring Rex to work alongside Torna into getting the Aegis, with the condition that he'll get paid for getting the job done. He is informed by Pupurin that Rex escaped with Pyra, so he hires Dughall to retrieve them for him, but failed to do so.

Later on, he appeared in chapter 4, having owned an abandoned factory in the heart of Mor Ardain where artificial Blades have been mass produced and that he plans to sell them to various factions, including Torna, for money. It is revealed that he's the one who actually kidnapped Professor Tatazo, Tora's father, in order to force him to mass produce artificial Blades. Also, Muimui is working alongside him. Being confronted by Rex and his friends, they control a giant artificial Blade known as Rosa to crush them and take the Aegis for themselves, but they are defeated. Bana escapes when Patroka and Mikhail arrive on the Monoceros.

Next, he kidnapped Queen Raqura so that he can kill her and frame the Ardainians for the crime. With this, he'll provoke a war between Uraya and Mor Ardain to make a profit from it. He piloted an improved version of Rosa in order to kill the party, which he failed once again. He resorts to self-destruct Rosa to take them with him, but everyone is saved except for Emperor Niall, who is revived by Nia (who is revealed to be a Flesh Eater Blade) afterwards. Bana also survived and is captured.

He is punished of being forced to run on a giant wheel.


  • Bana is about twice the height of any other Nopon.
  • Salman reveals that Chairman Bana was surprisingly devoted to his parents.
  • Bana's mother calls him "Banana" in her letters.
  • Bana is based on another Bana in the original game, but the Bana in the original game had no effect on the actual story and was only a sidequest antagonist.
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