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These guys are so unlucky to have come here at a time like this.
~ Sūi about Gohan, Krillin, and Bulma.

Banan and Sūi a minor antagonistic duo from the Namek Saga of manga-anime series Dragon Ball Z. They made their only appearance as supporting antagonist in the episode "Vegeta's Ambition! I am the Greatest Warrior in the Universe!!" / "Face-off on Namek" [Frieza Strikes!].

They were voiced by the late Daisuke Gōri and the late Ichirō Nagai in Japanese and Troy Williams and Merk Harbour in English.


Banan and Sūi worked as foot soldiers in Frieza's Army and were often under Zarbon's command. Banan was a large humanoid being with yellow hair and blue skin while Sūi was from a fish-like race with purple skin and had a gun. When Frieza invaded Planet Namek in order to find the Dragon Balls and wish for immortality, Banan and Sūi were among his troops. They joined the massacre of five Namekian villages, assumingly killing some Namekians themselves. When Gohan, Krillin and Bulma landed on Namek, Zarbon's scouter picked them up. Zarbon then ordered Banan and Sūi to go there and find out who are they. As they approached, they were sensed by Gohan and Krillin who noted that they were far weaker than Vegeta who also landed on Namek just a few minutes ago.

Banan and Sūi found them and Sūi wondered who are they as they weren't Namekians. Banan then told him that it doesn't matter as they had orders from Zarbon to kill whoever is on their way. The duo then fled towards them. Gohan and Krillin were surprised to see them dress like Saiyans and also wondered who they were. Banan and Sūi assumed they were some tourists and decided to not let them go as it would spoil they fun, so Sūi blasted their spaceship thus making Bulma unable to go back. Gohan and Krillin then decided to go all out and fight them as they didn't seem that strong. Hearing that remark made Banan and Sūi laugh out loud. As Krillin and Gohan started to power up, their scouters red their power levels making them both terrified. Krillin and Gohan then appeared in front of them and easily knocked them both down the river killing them both. Zarbon who was reading this through his scouter, reported then their deaths to Frieza. They were the first and only villains killed by Krillin and Gohan during the whole Namek/Frieza Saga and even though their appearance was very brief their action of destroying the spaceship changed the course of the saga.

Powers and Abilities

Banan and Sūi were about as strong as most of Frieza's regular foot soldiers and were confident in tracking down enemies that could possibly be Namekians. They were both no match for Krillin or Gohan (both stated to have a power level of about 1,500 at the time) who defeated both of them with only one blow. Later, when Frieza attacked Moori's village, Dodoria red the initial power of the three young Namekians at 1,000 and all of Frieza's soldiers started to leaugh and taunt them implying that were at least above 1,000 which could be the case for Banan and Sūi as well. That makes them rivals of Raditz and the Saibamen in terms of power.





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