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~ The Bandit Leader to the group.
Alright, I've had enough of this shit! Drew, take these motherf*ckers!
~ This bandit orders his goon, Drew (determined).

The leader of the Save-Lots Bandits, also referred to as the "Bandit Leader" and the "Hard Ass Bandit", is the nameless main antagonist in the third episode of The Walking Dead video game.


Starved For Help

The bandits raided Ben Paul, Travis and David Parker's camp during the apocalypse, stealing their supplies from the survivors. The bandit was also seen on Jolene's video camera raiding her camp along with Gary, Linda and possibly other unnamed Bandits.

While Lee and the group were heading to the Dairy's, they found the bandit leader arguing with another bandit about the issue of food, Ben claims they are responsible for raiding their camp. The leader becomes enraged and violently shoots him multiple times, and calls him an asshole.

It is unknown if he was with the bandits who attacked Lee and Mark who were outside the farm, checking the electric fence.

Long Road Ahead

This bandit is seen alongside his accomplices, ordering the bandits to take the group hostage and holding them at gunpoint, he was armed with a Pistol. Before Lee came out, the leader was going to order a bandit named Drew to kick open the doors to search for Lilly and Lee.

Lee talked to the Bandit who had his gun onto him. While the bandit was been talked down, Lilly shot the leader in the head with her Rifle, instantly killing him. The other bandits were killed by Carley and then one escaped to call in even more bandits to try and kill the group.


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