The Bandit Raiders are a group of post-apocalyptic raiders led by The Beast and antagonists in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin.


After a destructive meteor shower struck the planet and brought ruin to society, a group of mercenaries and ex-soldiers gathered under The Beast to pillage and raid villages and other communities across the post-apocalyptic landscape. Setting up base inside an abandoned military facility, the Raiders used the weapons and supplies stored there to drive their reign of terror across the land.

The Bandit Raiders soon faced opposition from the 12th Battalion, led by Captain Brenner, who sought to protect civilians who had been displaced by the meteors. After receiving a super serum from IDS, the Beast led the Raiders in a final attack against Brenner's Wolves where he succumbed to the side effects of the serum and perished.

Without the Beast to hold them together, the Bandit Raiders dissipated.


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