The Bandits are supporting antagonists of the 1994 Disney live action film Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book. They are a group of unnamed bandits who work for William Boone.


The Bandits were first seen scourging the jungle under Boone's supervision as the latter intends to capture the man-cub Mowgli so that he can lead them to the lost city of Monkey City (the home of King Louie, Kaa and the Bandar Log) to nab its large supply of treasure. Though Tabaqui and several of the bandits were able to nab Mowgli with a net, he escapes after warding them (and Sergeant Harley) off before escaping, but not before Boone and John Wilkins shoots down the bear Baloo, much to Mowgli's distress.

Following his failure to capture Mowgli, Boone arranges for the bandits to set up a trap on Mowgli's childhood friend Katherine "Kitty" Brydon and her father Colonel Brydon, resulting the deaths of many of the Colonel's officers. Though the Colonel was able to shoot down several of the bandits to their deaths, one of them shoots him down (though not fatally), much to Kitty's distraught. Dr. Julius Plumford was about to be killed by Buldeo, but Mowgli arrives to the rescue by bringing his animal friends (the black panther Bagheera and the wolf pack being led by Grey Brother), and both the panther and wolves furiously maul many of the bandits to their deaths. Despite the setback, Buldeo and Tabaqui were able to kidnap Kitty and the Colonel and bring them to Boone while the remaining bandits ran away.

It can be implied that the remaining bandits were tracked down and killed by the tiger Shere Khan and the other animals for breaking the jungle law.


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