The Bandits are minor antagonists who appeared in Mulan II.

Mulan II

When Mulan, Shang, and Mushu must escort three princesses, Ting-Ting, Su, and Mei to the Chinese city of Qui Gong to be presented suitors for their hand in marriage, they must cross a gorge and face terrible bandits who mugg people who cross their path. When Mushu confesses to Mulan that he was trying to break her up with Shang to keep his job and Mulan rushes to Shang, they are ambushed by the evil bandits.

The leader of the bandits sends his thugs to steal the friends' belongings. Mulan manages to fight them off, and as they try to kidnap Mei, Yao springs to her rescue. Just then, Mulan and Shang try to escape on a bridge, but one of the bandits slices the ropes. Shang falls into the gorge after admitting he was wrong to misjudge her but survives. Although our heroes make it to safety, the bandits got away.


  • They are one out of a few Disney villains to get away with their dirty deeds.


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