Bane is one of the villains from Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain.


Bane was the guardian of the Pillar of Nature. As such, he had the power to bend nature and the elements, at his own will. When he was corrupted by Nupraptor's attack at the Circle, he became insane and, along with DeJoule and Anacrothe, they created the Dark Eden, from where they started a plot to twist the land.

With their combined powers, they created a massive energy that steamed from the apex of the structure, creating a dome around it that started spreading through the landscape, leaving behind only a bizarre and twisted parody. Bane's powers created many mutated abominations within the dome. Kain, after meeting with the vampire Vorador, proceeded to the Dark Eden to kill the corrupted guardians, fighting the monsters along the path. He finally meets the three guardians inside the place, but Anacrothe runs away and summons Malek to help them. Kain then summons Vorador, making Malek angry and neglecting the other two.

Bane and DeJoule then escapes to a open area, where they fight Kain, while Malek take on Vorador. The two tag up to fight the vampire, with Bane creating puddles of water to trap Kain while DeJoule fires blasts of energy from a safe spot. However this was not enough, as Kain kills both of them.


The nature guardian; They were charged with governing over plants, animals, and all forms of natural life in Nosgoth and manipulates the behavior of life and the elements.

Elmental manipulation: The guardian can manipulate the elements,at least Fire,Water,Earth, Air,and Ligthning,likely they can manipulate all fundamental elements in Nosgoth,that means,they also can manipulate Light,ice,and Darkness

Commune nature: The guardian has the ability to commune with nature like plants,animals,etc.

Nature/life/biologic manipulation: Through his magic he can change the nature of life itself, animating plants and influencing animals,he can summon special plants like tentacles multi-dimensionals,make that the plants throw poisonous toxin."Can warp creatures growth and abilities" and "Creating new and weird life forms for his own purposes" ,like modify his anatomy/blood,combine two differents forms of life: Such strange creatures that had been spawned by this dark magic; things half insect and half mammal"Warp his abilities and also make that throw poison.

That means the the Natural Guardians can manipulate the life to a atomic/Molecular level.

Summon Natural phenomenon: The Nature guardian can summon natural phenomena for combat.

"A natural phenomenon is not an engineered event manufactured by humans, although it may affect them. Common examples of natural phenomena include sunrise, the weather, decomposition, free fall and erosion. Most natural phenomena, such as fog, are relatively harmless so far as humans are concerned. Various types of natural phenomena occur, including the following: Geological phenomena,Meteorological phenomena ,Oceanographic phenomena"

See: [1]List of Natural phenomena,Physical phenomena,Biological phenomena,



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