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Batman: Who are you?
Bane: A nightmare -- much like yourself. But you can call me Bane.
~ Bane upon meeting Batman.
~ Bane attempting to kill Bruce for his treachery. (determinant)

Bane is a major antagonist in Batman: The Enemy Within, the second season of Batman: The Telltale Series.

A crime boss and luchador from the South American island of Santa Prisca, he was known as the prison champion of the hardened penitentiary Pena Duro, and would eventually be freed thanks to the enigmatic criminal Riddler. He is Telltale Games' adaptation of the DC supervillain of the same name.

He was voiced by J.B. Blanc, who previously voiced him in the Batman: Arkham videogame series installment Batman: Arkham Origins.


Episode Two: The Pact

Battling Batman

Moments after the death of their ally, The Riddler, Bane and his allies strike a coordinated attack on Gotham City.

Bane and some of his henchmen attack the GCPD Arsenal where they intend to steal the GCPD's weapons. While Bane's men kill the policemen there, Bane forces one of the workers to hand him the keys to the armored transport vehicles. While his men transport the weapons into their vehicles, Batman arrives and starts taking out Bane's men. The rest of the goons soon start to realize that Batman is there. They alert Bane who makes his presence known by hurling the corpse of one of the dead policemen at Batman. He walks up to Batman, introducing himself and then swiftly attacking. While Bane's men circle the two, Bane mocks Batman for fighting alone. He then attacks Batman once more while also fending off the slowly advancing henchmen. Although he is beaten up, Bane merely laughs and claims that he now sees why Riddler wanted to be the one to kill Batman. When Batman replies that Riddler is dead, Bane's men are visibly shocked. However, Bane is not taken aback and claims that he promised his henchmen a spectacular battle if he ever encountered Batman. He adds that he did not face a true warrior since he escaped from the brutal prison located in the South American island of Santa Prisca known as Pena Duro Penitentiary.

Batman and Bane then fight once more, with Bane once again telling his men to stand down. Eventually, Bane realizes that he cannot defeat Batman like that and injects himself with a dose of Venom. As the Venom courses through his veins, Bane grows far stronger. Not realizing Bane's new powers, Batman attacks him again only to be blocked, grabbed and tackled to the ground by Bane. Bane starts strangling Batman, claiming that he will honor him with a peaceful death, but is suddenly attacked by Charles "Chip" Paulson, the auto mechanic Batman saved earlier. This gives Batman the opportunity to use his Bat-Anchor to tie Bane to one of the nearby SWAT vans but Bane shoves Paulson off of him and uses his inhuman strength to pull the SWAT car towards both of them. Both Batman and Bane manage to dodge the van but Bane then manages to grab Batman, and prepares to break his back though Batman breaks free from his grip either via shocking him with a loose wire or slashing him with his Bat-Gauntlets' sharp blades. Bane grabs Batman again and throws him into a wall which breaks down above him. The Venom inside Bane then starts wearing off. He doesn't search the ruins for Batman's corpse but instead drives off with his men and the weapons.

Meeting Bruce Wayne

I do not care how much these two swoon over you, Wayne - we don't want you here, and we don't need you here!
~ Bane against bringing Wayne into the Pact.

Bruce later meets up with Amanda Waller, who plans an ambush on Bane and the entire pact. She orders Batman to find a way and lure the Pact out into the open. When Bruce tries to meet up with the Pact again through his contact John Doe, he is abducted by two henchmen. When he regains consciousness, he finds himself in an abandoned subway station together with Harley Quinn, John Doe, and other henchmen. Bane is there as well and claims that Harley had promised to kill Wayne when they got what they needed. Harley claims that she changed her mind. When Bruce asks if someone could free him of his handcuffs, Bane grabs him by the neck, yanks him in the air and asks for one good reason why he shouldn't kill Bruce.

Harley and Bane argue.

Bane then snaps at Harley, claiming that she has only brought them a worthless aristocrat while Bane brought them the weapons they require for their plan. He calls Wayne worthless but Harley replies that Wayne already got them the Phalanx key and an EMP device. Realizing that he cannot convince Harley or Doe, Bane turns toward Wayne and mentions that he neither wants to needs Bruce here. During the conversation, John Doe activates the EMP device they got from Wayne Enterprises, causing it to blast EMP pulses throughout their headquarters. As Doe has no idea how to deactivate the device, Harley uncuffs Bruce and tells him to deactivate the device. Once the device is deactivated, Bane claims that he still does not like Bruce and then sends everyone back to work.

After Harley decides that she wants to take Bruce along to the operation they have planned for the night, she reveals to Bruce that he will need to convince Bane and Mr. Freeze to let him come along. She advises Bruce to play on Bane's respect for strength and loyalty in order to convince him.

The Pact votes on recruiting Bruce.

When Bruce approaches Bane, who is training his fighting skills, he hands Bane a beer obtained from John Doe. Bane thanks him and beckons him to come closer but when Bruce does, Bane throws him onto his weight bench and pins him underneath a set of weights. He mentions that Riddler bombed Wayne Tower and killed his friend Lucius Fox. Bane demands to know whether Bruce has come for payback and revenge. After Bruce denies it, Bane seems content and keeps talking about trust. While he does so, Bruce has the chance of slipping a counter-agent (Waller will only give it to him if he called her to the GCPD Arsenal earlier) into Bane's pocket of Venom vials. Keeping on to talk about trust if Bruce spoke to him after speaking to Mr. Freeze, Bane then has one of his men from the GCPD Arsenal raid brought into the room. He reveals that the man let the prisoner he was supposed to guard slip away and doesn't even have a scratch on him (though in reality, he was knocked out cold by Batman). Bane suspects this man to be a traitor and stresses the importance of loyalty. Bane states that he must be sure of the loyalty of both men and, to achieve that, Bane wants to pit the two men against each other. He tosses a metal pipe between the two and claims that only one of them will leave this battle as the winner. Bane then watches the fight between the two, which Bruce wins with ease. After Bruce has won the fight, Bane is either impressed and claims that Bruce might be a good addition to their group after all if the latter was brutal of disappointed that Bruce showed mercy during the fight and will continue to distrust him.

After Bruce has talked to both Mr. Freeze and Bane, Harley comes down from her office and tells the Pact that the "package" is on the way. The henchmen prepare to leave and Bruce wants to join them but Harley reminds him that he is not in the pact until the leaders have voted. After both Bane and Mr. Freeze agree that Bruce should join the pact if he successfully convinced them, John Doe and Harley agree as well, and even if Bane and Mr. Freeze weren't successfully convinced, Bruce still becomes a member regardless. Harley allows Bruce to come with them and together, the pact sets out to get the package.

Obtaining the "Package"

The Pact drives off in the armored vans procured by Bane. Bane drives the van Bruce is in as well, and when they reach their destination, Bane tells Bruce to prepare the EMP. Eventually, Bane orders Bruce to activate the EMP, which fries the electricity on the entire block. The EMP fries the weapons and the equipment of the Agents that were sent in by Waller, allowing Bane, Mr. Freeze, Bruce and the Pact to walk right past them. When they arrive at the van carrying the "package", Bane orders Mr. Freeze to open it. Mr. Freeze touches the door of the van, causing it to freeze over in an instant. Mr. Freeze then orders Bruce to strike it, which Bruce does. Special Agent Roger Harrison jumps out of the van and Mr. Freeze moves forward to touch, freeze and kill him. However, Bruce stops him from doing so. Angry, Mr. Freeze walks off, claiming that this isn't over. While Bane advises Bruce not to turn his back on Mr. Freeze from now on, the latter walks up to one of the agents they passed before, slams his hand into the man's face and freezes him solid until he shatters, killing him.

Although the agents start fighting back, the Pact is able to secure the "package" from within the van while other Pact henchmen fight off the agents. Eventually, Bane joins the fight as well, attacking some of Waller's agents. As Harley Quinn is attacking different agents at the same time, Bruce has to choose between heading off Bane or Harley.

If Bruce goes after Harley, he stops her from killing an agent inside a car. This leaves Bane free to keep fighting. When more agents suddenly turn up, Bane engages them in battle while the rest of the Pact flee to their escape vehicles. However, Bane turns around and attacks the upcoming agents. While he fights, he is hit by multiple bullets and eventually decides that the only choice he has is to use his dose of Venom.

Bane is left behind by the Pact.

Depending on whether or not Bruce slipped the counter-agent into Bane's Venom supply, Bane will either be strengthened enough to continue fighting or will be confusingly surprised by the absent effects of his drug. Turning around, Bane sees Harley and the rest of the Pact driving off without him, and Bane screams in anger and frustration as Waller's agents close in around him.
After returning to their headquarters, Mr. Freeze is concerned that Bane might be out for vengeance on them for leaving him behind - should he survive the night, and two of the Pact's henchmen were agreeably adamant that Bane would return unhappy. However, Harley is unshaken and simply orders Bruce to open the Package, revealing to the latter that the contents of the Pact's target was none other then the Riddler's frozen corpse. Following this, Catwoman makes her entrance, declaring she can give the Pact what they want - for the right price.

If Bruce goes after Bane, he witnesses Bane pushing a car into several agents in front of him. Bruce tackles the agent to save his life but while he does so, Bane jumps onto another agent, smashing his head in. Bane moves on to kill another agent but Bruce knocks the agent out before Bane can kill him as well. Bane then reminds Bruce not to get into his way during fighting and orders him to help in securing the cargo.

The Pact returns with the "package".

When more agents turn up, Bane and most of the Pact jump into their escape vehicles but Harley, powered by her rage, attacks the arriving agents instead. Realizing that Harley won't return as she is too focused on the battle, Bane drives off without her.
Returning to their headquarters, Bane compliments Bruce on his performance during the ambush. John is shocked that they left Harley behind and claims that they need to go back for her immediately. Bane replies that this won't be possible, as she is either dead or in jail. John replies that they have to bust her out of prison, but then Bane asks John what he will do if Harley is dead. Despite Doe's pleas, Bane claims that they have no time to waste on Harley. Bitterly announcing that Bane will regret this, John then storms into his house.
Bane invites Bruce to open the box, which Bruce does reluctantly. As the box opens, Bruce is appalled to find the frozen corpse of the Riddler. Bane claims that it is sad to see a legend like that, but stresses that they have no choice. He mentions that now, they have everything they need and that Riddler will open the path for them once the "thief" brings the last piece. Suddenly, Catwoman enters the subway, claiming that she has what the Pact needs - for the right price.

Episode Three: Fractured Mask


Episode Four: What Ails You


Episode Five: Same Stitch

Note: Bane only appears if Batman joined forces with John Doe in the previous episode and created Vigilante Joker.

Batman: Bane.
Joker: You're working with them?!
Agent Harrison: Director Waller promised you revenge. Here's your chance.
~ Bane now working for Waller.

After being taken into Agency custody at the SANCTUS Research Facility beneath the Bodhi Spa, Bane is employed by Waller to work for her as a member of her special task force. Waller also promised Bane revenge on Batman and John Doe (now calling himself the Joker). He gets the chance two weeks later, while the Agency comes under attack by the two near the abandoned water tower in Gotham's East End where the late Riddler set up his lair. After the two have taken out several Agency agents sent to apprehend them, Bane is transported in a metal crate by an Agency helicopter and dropped into the scene. Now wearing high-tech equipment, including a new Venom tank, Bane powers himself up and hurls the crate at the two, who are able to dodge in time. Agent Harrison, the agent in charge of the team sent to capture them, reminds Bane that Waller wants Batman alive but Bane replies that he does not care. This prompts Harrison to draw a remote for the collar Bane is wearing. This collar allows the Agency to control Bane with electroshocks if he does not cooperate. In addition, it can be used to blow up Bane's entire head as a last resort.

Bane is deployed by the Agency to fight Batman and the Joker.

Bane attacks Batman again and is easily able to catch Joker who jumps at him and slam him to the ground. Despite the best efforts of the pair, Bane is able to hold his own and uses his inhuman power to cause massive damage to their surroundings whenever he misses his targets. Eventually, Batman realizes that the Venom should have worn off by now but Bane only laughs and reveals that Waller made some improvements to the Venom formula. He rips a metal pipe out off a wall and uses it as a weapon. However, both vigilantes dodge the swing from the pipe and although they manage to hurt him, Bane shows no sign of pain. When Bane triumphantly tries states that he is going to enjoy killing them both, Harrison shocks him again, ordering him to stop monologuing and to finish the job. However, one of Joker's followers, Willy Deever, then attacks Harrison in order to force him to call "the monster" off of his boss. Bane uses this distraction to sprint at both of them. Batman is only able to save one of the two, causing Bane to smash in the other man's head, killing him instantly.

After Bane picks up and destroys the remote for his collar, he engages Batman once more. While Batman fights Bane, Joker uses the opportunity to either drive Bane over with his car or to drop the smokestack of the nearby facility onto Bane. The result leaves Bane wounded. He stumbles off but is eventually confronted by Joker who hurls a Jokerang into Bane's leg, causing him to fall to the ground. Defeated, Bane announces that he will have his revenge on Joker and claims that Waller told him that Joker was the one who murdered his friend Riddler. Although Joker denies having anything to do with the murder, Bane then addresses Batman and asks him why he is working with this "murdering coward". Outraged, Joker jumps onto Bane's back and stabs him in the shoulder several times before Batman stops him.

Bane, Harley, and Catwoman arrive on Waller's orders.

An hour later, Batman meets with Waller on the GCPD rooftop to blackmail him into giving up Joker and the LOTUS Virus. Although he already destroyed the virus, Batman refuses to give up Joker, and as a result, Waller calls in Bane, Harley and Catwoman. When Batman uses blackmail himself to get Waller and the Agency out of Gotham, Waller is ready to accept a stalemate (Batman can request Waller to either let Avesta leave the Agency peacefully and without prosecution, remove Catwoman from her special task force due to not being like the rest of the Pact, have Bane and Harley released from her special task force but then have the pair incarcerated at Blackgate Prison for their crimes, or don't make a request; regardless of either choice in which Waller will agree to if he agrees to hand over Joker to which Batman can either agree to or refuse to do so, but regardless she will still agree to his chosen request) and leave but suddenly, Joker interrupts because he is either not willing to let her go this easily or refuses to let Batman turn him in. Due to Joker's interference, Waller orders Bane and Harley to kill Joker while she is holding back Catwoman for the moment.

Before Bane can reach Joker, Batman tethers him to the ground but while Batman is fighting Harley, but Bane quickly frees himself. He rips the Bat-Signal off of its position and hurls it at Batman, who barely dodges the throw. In order to stop Bane, Batman steals the collar remote from Waller and uses it to electrocute Bane until he is unconscious. However, Bane and Harley both get up again and, together with Waller, Catwoman, and other Agency operatives, corner Batman and Joker. The battle is only resolved when Joker triggers two mannequin bombs, one of which blasts a large hole into the GCPD rooftop. Batman is wounded and forced to retreat, while Joker flees with Waller as his hostage. Afterwards, if Batman requested Waller to have Bane and Harley released from her special task force but incarcerated at Blackgate for their crimes as part of their stalemate, then that will happen. However, if Batman didn't make that request, then the Agency will leave Gotham with the pair of villains remaining under their authority as prime assets.


  • Venom Usage: He uses the Venom steroid to enhance his muscle and bone constitution, as well as his adrenaline, resilience and aggression, making him a physically powerful opponent.
  • Highly Skilled Combatant: His natural brute strength and combat skills make him more of a match for Batman.




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