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I am Bang Bang Johnson, baby.
~ Bang Bang Johnson introducing himself.

Bang Bang Johnson is the main antagonist of the 2013 computer-animated Danish film Olsen Gang in Deep Trouble. He is a greedy businessman who tries to exploit all Denmarks oil, to get money from people who want oil.

He was voiced by Michael Carøe


Bang Bang Johnson comes to Denmark to visit his brother Bang Johansen, to celebrate their 100th birthday together. In reality, they are working out a deal about an oil optimator, to exploit the oil in Denmark. The Olsen Gang tries to spy on them, but Egon is caught, and almost fed to crocodiles, but escapes. Meanwhile, Bang Bang Johnson, and Bang Johansen made out a Deal with the Russian, Saudi-Arabian and Norwegian oil ministers, to work out the sell of the oil. The Olsen Gang then tries to stop them from ruining the danish economy, and steals the oil optimator, and explodes half of the oil platform. Then Bang Bang Johnson and his brother tries to get them in a helicopter, but crashes in a windmill. Then they are trapped on the windmill, then Bang Bang Johnson, and Bang Johansen, has their last laugh. They are presumably arrested afterwards.


  • He is the first main antagonist of an Olsen Gang movie to only be in the animated franchise.
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