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He have to disappear from the surface of the Earth!
~ Bang Johansen about Egon Olsen.

Bang Johansen (also known as Hallandsen), is the brother of Bang Bang Johnson, and the main antagonist of the Olsen Gang film series. He is an evil businessman, and one of Egon Olsen's archenemies.

He was portrayed by the late Bjørn Watt Boolsen.


Main series

He is a successful businessman, and leader of a wealthy corporation. However, he also have a shady side, as he in secret hires criminals to do illegal work for him.

At some point in time, his criminal activities caused him to clash with the Olsen Gang. He ended up becoming a sworn enemy of Egon Olsen, as they want to see eachother dead. Often when the Olsen Gang interferes in his business, he hires Bøffen to kill Egon, not wanting to do the dirty work himself. 

Animated series

Bang Johansen in the cartoons.

Bang Johansen appears as the main antagonist in Olsen Banden  de bonede gulve, and as the secondary antagonist in Olsen Gang in Deep Trouble, in which he was voiced by Søren Sætter-Lassen, who also dubbed Kingpin in Danish.

He joins his brother Bang Bang Johnson in developing a oil optimator, in order to get control of the Danish oil industry, but is defeated by the Olsen Gang.