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Warband above self. Legion above warband. Charr above legion... Charr above all.
~ Bangar Ruinbringer

Bangar Ruinbringer is one of the main antagonists of the Guild Wars 2 story reason "The Icebrood Saga". He was the Imperator of the Blood Legion with a hidden deep hatred towards humans.

He is voiced by Graham McTavish


Due to being born during the time when Charr and humanity where at war with each other, Bangar deeply despises humans and all other races he deems inferior. Because of this he is at constant odds with Rytlock Brimstone over cooperation with non-Charr races. For the most part he could tolerate cooperating with other races as long as he could protect his homeland from danger. However, after Kralkatorrik's death and Aurene's ascension into a benevolent Elder dragon status, with her being loyal to the Pact Commander and their allies, Bangar became increasingly paranoid of the Charr race loosing their power and glory and he began to sought an Elder Dragon of his own to command. He left with his "true" Blood Legion and in addition formed the Dominion in hopes that he will enslave the Elder dragon Jormag and use their power to conquer all who oppose him. To the outside, Bangar can be extremely short-tempered and prone to violent outbursts when things don't go his way, but he's also a very cunning and charismatic speaker that can persuade others into joining his cause, allowing him to form the Dominion and persuade not only his Blood Legion soldiers, but soldiers from the other four legions with relative ease. Despite the dangers of trying to control an Elder Dragon and what it could mean for his people, he genuinely believes that what he's doing is for a "just cause". However, after being corrupted by Jormag and realizing that he was nothing more than a pawn to the Ice Dragon's plans, and that his ambitions where all for nothing, Bangar became a broken shell of what he once was, unwilling to talk to anyone even if he could. However after some further persuasion by the Pact Commander, Bangar admits that he was manipulated by the voices of Jormag from the very start which fed into his insecurities and led him to believe what he thought he could do. It is very likely that he now regrets his past actions.


Bangar is categorized as a rather slim Charr with reddish-orange fur and a brown mohawk of hair from head to neck. His horns are shorter and curve forwards instead of backwards and his muzzle is elongated with lips that hide his teeth compare to most Charr. After becoming cursed by Jormag his entire body is now pale blue with ice corruption and with a collar filled with crystal spikes wrapped around his neck, with Bangar being caged and in shackles.


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