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I cannot wait to kill you both! And then I will be the cutest thing of all, explode every single face on this planet, and reign forever on a throne of blood and skulls! Dumplings! Destroy Oishi! Destroy Noodles! KILL THEM ALL!
~ Bane-mi

Banh-mi is the main antagonist of the second season of Oishi: Highschool Battle. In spite of vengeance and jealousy, the already brutal villain evolved into a parody of Bane.


After Noodles impregnates one of Oishi's friends, she gives a violent birth to an army of cute offspring, one of them being Banh-mi. Growing jealous of how his father, Noodles, is cuter than him, Banh-mi manipulates his siblings to act mischievous and impregant the unfortunate students of Oishi's high school, triggering chaos among the school. This antagonistic behavior leads to a fight between Oishi, allied with Noodles, and Banh-mi, ultimately leading to the violent death of the cute creature.

However, Raif, a male classmate who is attempting to impress Oishi, brings Banh-mi back to life, mistaking him for Oishi's dying pet. Changing his name to Bane-mi, he dons a coat and mask similar to Bane's in the Dark Knight Rises and continues to terrorize the school before Oishi finally puts down her enemy by fatally injuring him in a Kawaiimeha Blast. Bane-mi's last words to his father was that he only wanted to be cute before his wounds catch up to him and kills him.


  • Before becoming Bane-mi, Banh was voiced by DailyGrace. After donning the mask, he was voiced by Brock Baker.
  • Banh-mi is actually the name term of a vietnamese sandwich.
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