Banjo was a one-time enemy of Spider-Man and a mutant from Marvel comics, like many mutants in Marvel he and his family experienced significant prejudice due to his mutation and as such they grew to become very territorial and distrusting of strangers, as Spider-Man would learn the hard way - despite this Banjo and his family were a relatively rare case of villains who were not actually evil in intention and thus a peaceful solution was eventually found by both parties.


Banjo and his brother Bugeye were both born extremely obvious mutants and as such they were mocked and harassed by other children, this prompted their poor and uneducated mother to move back to her rural roots, taking her sons with her in hopes they could live in peace away from the rest of society.

Unfortunately Spider-Man would stumble across the family when he was searching for a missing person, because Spider-Man was a stranger Banjo's mother believed he was a government agent and had Banjp and Bugeye attack him, ordering her sons to kill the stranger.

Banjo was strong and tough but is disorientated after Spider-Man hits him in the head, this almost causes Banjo to fall into a nearby mineshaft but Spider-Man saves him, this would prompt Banjo in turn to stop the attacks - telling his brother and mother how Spider-Man saved him, this caused his mother to rethink her actions and Spider-Man left with no further violence.

It is presumed the family remained in relative isolation after these events though their is a strong possibility that Banjo and Bugeye both lost their mutant abilities in M-Day.


Banjo possessed minor superhuman strength, durability and resistance to fire - despite his limited intelligence he was also extremely loyal to his family and willing to die to protect them from harm.


  • Due to the obvious "hillbilly" stereotyping of Banjo and his family he is one of many earlier Marvel villains who are unlikely to reappear in the modern age without significant updates to his design and origins.
  • At only 10 years of age, he is one of Spider-Man's youngest opponents ever, but his mutation made him appear much older due to pushing his size to nearly 8ft in scale, as well as increasing his muscle-mass to inhuman levels.
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