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Bankotsubo is an antagonist from Dead or Alive 2 and Dead or Alive Dimensions. He is a boss in both of those games.

On Japanese, he was voiced by Osamu Saka. While on English, he was voiced by Timothy Enos and Joel Swetow.


Bankotsubo is a Tengu from a spiritual world. He was a criminal in his own dimension. He somehow managed to murder the leader of his race. Fearing punishment, Bankotsubo escaped to the human world. He then hid in the shadows of society.

Chaos and Destruction

During Bankotsubo's time in the human realm, he plots to create evil. His ultimate goal is to flood the entire Earth into chaos and destruction. He is summoned by a shinobi master named Genra in order to further his goals. Eventually, his plot is discovered by Ryu Hayabusa from the Hayabusa clan. The young shinobi challenges Bankotsubo and defeats the Tengu who dies from the battle.

Physical Appearance

Bankotsubo's body structure is almost similar to humans. There are highly notable differences. For example, Bankotsubo's skin tone is dark red or brown depending on the game. His body is broad and it possesses great physical strength. In terms of height, Bankotsubo is roughly seven feet tall. His nose is very high and long. Another noticeable feature are his wings. They are used for levitation or spread gusts of wind. Unlike other Tengu, Bankotsubo wears a skull on his back.


Bankotsubo possesses an overwhelming superiority complex. He views humans and other Tengu as trivial. Bankotsubo also has an endless lust for chaos and destruction. He can be cunning, traitorous, or manipulative. He tricked his fellow Tengu into allowing him close enough to murder their leader.


  • In etymology, Bankotsubo is Japanese, where 万骨 (banko) means thousands of lives and 坊 () means place or square. His surname, Gohyakumine, translates as 500 peaks. The word Tengu translates to Heavenly Dog in English.
  • By the age of 1500 years, Bankotsubo is the oldest character in the entire Dead or Alive series.
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